5 Interesting Things To Do For Better Sleep – #PhoneDetox


As I already follow digital detox and unplug times, it’s really easy for me to join “7 Day Detox Smart Nights Challenge” hosted by Ashvini Naik and Shilpa. Also, I am keen on my self-love practices.



Being mindful and grateful for my eyesight, I explored many interesting things to do before bedtime for better sleep. So I developed smart night rituals that are helping me a lot. And these are the 5 Interesting Things I Do for My Better Sleep …..


5 Interesting Things To Do For Better Sleep

Plan For The Next Day

Planning always keeps you accomplished and energetic. Planning for cooking, blogging, paying bills or any sort of planning for the next day will be helpful to be more productive. Write To do List for next day. You can use smart planners for this. Recently I started using 2019 Plan Smart Blog Well Planner and I’m in awe for it. 

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Write On Gratitude Journal

Journaling is my love. So no wonder I have included journaling as part of my smart night rituals. Writing three things you feel grateful on that day will help you to be grounded and feel happy. I use Matrikas Creative Women Journal to relax before sleep.

Do What You Love

Do anything you love rather than staring at highly dangerous screens. Read a book. Take a hot shower. Spend quality time with your family. Tell bedtime stories to your kids. Pray to almighty. If you really love to be away from your smartphone, then you will really come up with more such interesting ideas.

Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

Cultivate and send love to yourself, to your loved ones, to your neighbor, to your enemy. and to the whole universe. It is sending loving wishes for ALL beings, including yourself, to be happy, healthy, safe, and loved. Practice the most powerful loving-kindness meditation.

Self Healing

Inner peace and happiness are the results of acceptance and self-healing. Practice any self-healing methods to heal your pains and hurt of the day. This will prepare you for a fresh start the next day. As I am a Reiki Level 1 Healer, I never fail to do self-healing every night. Also, I prefer doing Body Scan Meditation on some days. 


5 Interesting Things To Do For Better Sleep

What are your smart night rituals? How to do you practice digital detox? Comment here…… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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12 thoughts on “5 Interesting Things To Do For Better Sleep – #PhoneDetox”

  1. I agree with you, Vasantha. Doing all those activities that one is interested in to stay away from our phone will help us focus on things better than the gadgets that can ruin our sleep, our eyesight and our peace of mind.

  2. Wow you are a Reiki healer too… Amazing. Love these ideas. Reading is something I do before going to bed. Helps me sleep better, unless I am reading some murder mystery

  3. My daughter and I speak aloud 3 good and bad things that have happened with us that day before turning in. But I like the idea of writing in a gratitude journal. I have been hearing about the benefits of maintaining a gratitude journal, I want to try it too. I have learnt Reiki too, Vasantha, but not been practising, maybe it’s time I took up self healing, I need it. 🙂

  4. Wow! That’s quite a ritual then and it must be relaxing you completely. I too take stock of my day but unfortunately don’t write it down. I just make note of it on my phone so that I can use it for my gratitude post at the end of the month.
    But what I really like to do is think of something that made me happy and that really makes me fall asleep!

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