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As you all know, I was badly affected by Madras Eye Infection last month. Already I had undergone an eye surgery during December 2017. So this August had forced digital detox to me. But I have no regrets for that and here’s the reason – 5 Things I feel Grateful For My Eye Infection…

5 Things I feel Grateful For My Eye Infection

Slowing Down

I used to be a person who forces myself to complete all my tasks either blogging or house chores at targeted times. I will start my day early with a “to-do” list and will be satisfied only if all that listed items get completed. Hope you can understand this urgency and rush. But due to my eye infection, I did all the works slowly and happily. This is new to me. And I realized that life becomes less messy if we learn to slow down. I could enjoy the flavor of my coffee, smell the fragrance of hibiscus from our garden and listen to my favorite playlists. So much grateful.

Disconnecting To Reconnect

I already love to practice digital detox daily. But my blogging and writing works need some dedicated screen time. And this August I started making little changes in my lifestyle to reduce my screen time completely. For the whole of August, I was away from screens, So I relaxed a lot, I disconnected to reconnect with my soul. 

More Mindful Me Moments

This Moment only matters. Not the past or the future. The resource that kept me grounded during all these moments is being mindful. So I had a good chance of more Mindful Me Moments. Also, I did Body Scan Meditation and Five Finger Gratitude Prayer every day. I was happy than ever that I could connect with my body and soul at an ease.

“This Moment only matters. Not the past or the future.”


Loving and Happy Moods

Sometimes being married in the same place as we were living is disadvantageous.  I am living near my mom’s house and she used to come to my house every day during the nights. So I hardly had a chance to stay at my mom’s house. The longest stay earlier was during my son’s birth for 40 days. But I feel so happy that I stayed in my mom’s house for more than one month since our house painting works were also going on at that time. And I feel a peace that I am able to get big support from my family and relatives. Each one of them extended the best help in all possible ways to me. In spite of all these, I was able to continue my practice of Loving Kindness Meditation and be grateful for God’s plan.


Healing Needs Time

I was advised to take drops 10 times in a day and ointment three times a day. But the healing was not as expected. So I was fearing for anything serious. but the doctors said that you may need 15 days to recover while normal people may recover within 5 to 6 days. And what they said was 100% correct. My infection got completely cured only after 20 days. the lesson I learned was healing needs time yet if trust the process and keep yourself calm, healing may work faster.


What are you grateful for? Do you practice any self-care routine? Do share with us…


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30 thoughts on “5 Things I feel Grateful For My Eye Infection – #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. This unconventional title caught my eyes and I had to read this. Love your outlook towards life! And I’m trying to reduce screentime early morning and night before sleep. 🙂

  2. I loved the fact how you have taken the eye infection very positively. I must say the little took away all the limelight Loved reading your write-up.
    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

  3. Hugs Vasantha. This is such brave post and admire your take on things. I have been meaning to read up on all these meditations you mention in your blogs but haven’t gotten around to it yet. They all intrigue with the names and I have set a reminder to do so soonest.

    I hope you always keep this positive cheerful attitude in life and surge ahead with loads of confidence and success.

  4. At times, until we’re forced to slow down and practice digital detox, we don’t. You have a great perception there, seeing things bright when actually it’s gloomy. Being positive towards life’s storm balls is a great approach and a wonderful personality trait.

  5. We take many things for granted and then some incident teaches a lesson to take care and respect the resources. That is true with overuse of eyes for screen addiction…this is very serious matter with kids.. how ever hard you try the surrounding influences them..

  6. Eye infections can give you excruciating pain. Hope you’re all fine now, Vasantha. And yeah, we missed you!

    It’s nice to know that you’re one of those who see only the silver linings. Love how you’ve elucidated your reconnection with yourself during a digital detox.

  7. Hey how r u now. True, its during illness that we forced to take a pause in our hectic routine , giving us an opportunity to reflect on all good things in life.

  8. You always see the positive side of things! I really wonder how, you always learn to accept things as it is and work on it with great efforts Vasantha! Much appreciated for this! I always learn a lot from you! I am glad you are back into blogging and doing a great job at it!

  9. I always find you full of positive vibes even when I read your Instagram posts and this post of yours has proved it right. Even under such a health condition & limits, you paved a way to work it out. I have read your post on Digital detox and I also plan to start it from the next month, probably I will go offline during the weekend. Hope you have healed completely and are feeling much more enthusiastic after going slow. Keep writing and inspiring!

  10. Eye Infections can be painful and annoying. How wonderful that you took it so positively and used that period to do so many, and think of, wonderful things. Bravo, VIvi! We need to take a leaf out of your book of learnings!

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