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Always Decembers are not my favorites for one or more reasons. Last December was also one such that. I underwent sixth surgery on my left eye. From Laser Vision Correction, Retina Detachment Surgery, Cataract Surgery,  Buckle Removal Surgery, Laser Treatment For Membrane Removal, to PPM Surgery, recently.

Though I was almost on bed for nearly one and half months, I never felt irritated and frustrated. My Mindfulness Practice and choosing to be grateful, no matter what kept me grounded.  Now here I am to share my January Gratitude List happily with you all …..


Choose To Be Grateful

Grateful For January 2018

Grateful To My Hubby

I was in medication for 40 days after my eye surgery. So I was in a forced Digital Detox. After my first checkup, doctor encouraged me to have my contact lens for right eye but with an advice to have restricted screen time and less strain.

Everything was good only for two to three days. Then I struggled to read and work on my laptop using my contact lens. But I could read somewhat better with my usual power specs.

My hubby insisted me to stay positive and calm. He boosted me with his encouraging words that nothing wrong will happen to me. Thanks dear for always being so kind and for being with me on every surgery.

Quote About Being Grateful
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Grateful To My Son

Being on bed helped us in one or other way. Me and my son had lot of night discussions, after a long time. Chatting continued about his Friends, Space Science, God, Prayers, Funny Jokes to serious talks about his studies and future. He never failed to keep me cheerful with all his naughtiness and silly jokes. Thanks my dear teen for being my cheer leader always.

Grateful To My Ammas

My Amma is with me in all my struggles and hurdles. I admire her positive spirit and would love to inherit this habit for me. Amma, once again you proved your unconditional love towards me. Thank yo so much Amma. 

And another Amma who worked tiredlessly to feed my family is Thambu Amma. Work is her prayer, so she did all the works including my nursing with a bright smile. Thanks Thambu Amma for all your dedication without any leave for the last three months. 


Grateful For Pongal Celebrations

We love traditional festivals and celebrations. We were blessed to celebrate Pongal – Uzhavar Thirunal with all native vegetables and sugarcane from our farmers along with fresh vegetables from our terrace garden too. This was a great opportunity to thank our known God – The Sun.



Grateful To All My Followers

I was so much grateful to all my followers on my blog and all other social media accounts. My special thanks to all followers of our first “Free 5 Days ECourse On Be Mindful With MSN!”. Thank God for keeping me blessed always.


Mindfulness ECourse


Do you practice gratitude? What are you grateful for? Have you ever felt the joy of being grateful?


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16 thoughts on “Choose To Be Grateful, No Matter What – #GratitudeCircleBlogHop”

  1. I admire you so much for being aware as much as you can about your present moment. Also, the positivity you spread is something very warm. I am sure you are going to get better and have a better vision. I am glad you have amazing family members who are helping you in this difficult journey. Have a wonderful February! Hugs, love and a lot of prayers coming your way for a better tomorrow.

  2. Wow V thats one helluva lot of surgery for one eye!! I hope its all ok now and that you wont need anymore. You are truly amazing at keeping your calm all through this and yes your husband sounds like a gem of a person. I hope Feb brings a lot of positive blessings in your life and may you sail through every issue in life with loads of patience and strength

  3. I hope you are feeling better with your eye now. Also love your spirit. Being restricted in any format and remain away from work, tends to make me edgy. But I guess I am going to take this as a lesson from your post today. Learn to relax.

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