A Letter To My Curious Teen – #PeriodPride #FridayReflections

My Love,

This letter is what I usually share with you during our chit chats. But the need as a letter – a piece of paper filled with love – is to be referred at times when your manhood raises to its peak. This letter would help you to be rooted onto the ground.

My boy, the first thing I want to tell you is no way you are superior to the other gender. You too have your best and worst. So be gentle in your relationships with the other gender as son. brother. friend, husband, father and father-in-law.

At the age of 10, some day, you asked me, “Why Amma you have not done pooja today?”. I replied you that I was tired. You accepted this with no further queries.

Another day, you enquired about a napkin advertisement in TV. I told you that it’s a kind of diaper used only by women. Not needed to mention that the discussion extended more than 15 minutes with series of questions and answers.

Kanna, you couldn’t stop yourself to get the details from me when one of your girl friends took one week leave for school. I told then she has grown up and she had age attended. Suddenly you shocked me with your question as “Amma, When will I get age attended???”. I said you will, my boy. But you didn’t extend the discussion further. So I thought I have to tell you many things. And the time has fast approached.

Now you have grown up and entered into your teens. Last week, you asked me with concern, “Amma, why are you so tired today? Do you need any help?”. And I’m proud that I have raised my son as a loving guy who respects womanhood. So this letter, my dear.

My curious teen, this is the right time to tell you that RED is not danger, but Red is divine. RED is not shame, but RED is fame. RED is not pity, but RED is pride. RED is not weakness, but RED is the power. RED is not waste, but RED is life. So celebrate RED.

” RED is not danger, but Red is divine. RED is not shame, but RED is fame. RED is not pity, but RED is pride. RED is not weakness, but RED is the power. RED is not waste, but RED is life. So celebrate RED “

Kanna, it’s my duty as a mom to teach you the values of womanhood, how to respect women, how to encourage and support them, grow with them and excel with them. I want to insist 5 important things to you :

  1. Woman is not a weaker sex. She don’t need your pity but she needs only your understanding.
  2. Woman have her mood swings. Don’t judge her but try to be with her at those tough times.
  3. Woman has different kinds of hormonal problems. So don’t ever compare one with the other woman.
  4. Man is always a part of Woman. So don’t ever try to exclude her by your words, actions and treatments. Your inclusion makes her more strong than you expect.
  5. Woman may face some sort of depression and loneliness at times. Support her with your love and affection.
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Try to remember the above quote when you feel some pressure in your marriage relationship. And when your ego as a male emerges, take a deep breath, pause, relax and read this letter. Then you will calm down for sure. Since this is the letter filled with love and love only.

Stay Humble; Stay Positive;

Stay Loved; Stay Happy;

With loads and loads of love,


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37 thoughts on “A Letter To My Curious Teen – #PeriodPride #FridayReflections”

  1. I loved the concept….in the form of a letter….what better way to convey….awesome Vasantha…loved your post…

  2. Good idea to teach your son all about it. I am right at the point when I need to have that conversation with mine as well. Change must come from us or else our kids will suffer the way we did through shame and stigma attached to the word, periods!

  3. What a beautiful letter you’ve written for your son Vasantha. I loved the way you’ve described everything and there is so much of humbleness in your writing.

    Your son is really lucky to have a mother like you.



    Wow what an amazing letter! You are 100% right, it’s our duty to teach them how to treat and respect women. Well said !

  5. Happy blogoversary Vasantha! Such a powerful letter with simple words. This is a must discussion for all sons with their mothers. Boys need to understand this just as much as the girls do, and it is wonderful that you are doing your job well. I hope more mothers follow suit in spreading awareness.

  6. letter from a mom to her son to explain women power – Wow! this is serisouly one of the best posts I have read on period pride! Power on!! cheers

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