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7 Everyday Practices For Mindful Moms : Day 4 – Be Mindful For Your Body- #BarAThon

Welcome to the fourth day of 7 Everyday Practices For Mindful Moms.


Being mindful is very much essential in this modern tech world. We are being pulled into the gadgets, lacking connectivity with real world and suffering from depression and diseases. And mindfulness has a promising way to help us out of this unending maze.


7 Everyday Practices For Mindful Moms Day 4


How was your mindfulness practices? Do you feel this series helps you for being mindful? Would you like to recommend this series to your friends? Do you love your body? Are you suffering from any pain or diseases?

During my Retina Detachment Surgery, I was much affected by post surgery trauma. You could imagine how painful it would be on getting vision loss at a very young age of 36. So I was totally spoiled by depression and self pity, that made me to attempt suicides. 

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Later with the advice of my family doctor, I was able to celebrate myself and my disabilities happily as an ISHA member. Practicing simple mindfulness for my body made a magical breakthrough on my eye condition. And now I could feel happy that, though my eyesight has not improved much, it had not also worsen much.

Everyday after my meditation, I do simple eye exercises. I usually keep the palms covering my eyes and try to look ito the darkness for some time. I will also repeat to say, my eyes are healthy, it could see clearly and my vision is so good. And I keep on repeating this personal affirmation through out the day. Really it worked into wonders for me.

Some proven benefits of how mindfulness on body helped me in my life:

  • Able to accept my physical limitations and go with it. I’m now OK with my high myopia and 80% vision loss in my left eye.
  • Able to love my body and myself. 
  • Able to understand certain things can not be changed and nothing could be done for that.
  • Able to recover from my Post Retinal Detachment Surgery Depression and Trauma.
  • Able to be appreciate my body without any discomfort.
  • Able to keep myself physically and mentally fit.
  • Able to understand that my high myopia is no more a curse.
  • Able to educate my son about the importance of eye sight and and make him to keep up with his periodical eye checkups.


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Day 4 – Be Mindful For Your Body

Your physical fitness is more essential as your mental fitness. Physical fitness plays an important role in your mindfulness. Without paying attention to your body, you can not become mindful. Once in a while you have to notice what is happening in your body. Body Scan Meditation (Mindfulness of the body meditation)  are great way to bring your focus on your body and bless your body parts.

Time Needed: 10 to 15 minutes.

Frequency: Thrice in a week.

Simple Script For Body Scan Meditation:

  • Sit comfortably or lie down. Feel relaxed. 
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Feel your belly while you inhale and exhale.Take 5 deep breaths.
  • Gently scan your body, from your toes to the tip of your head. 
  • Notice any parts of your body that’s holding tension or having any pains.
  • Try to breathe into those parts, allowing them to soften and relax.
  • Feel the discomfort present on that part getting released and feel the relaxation on it.
  • When your mind wanders, observe gently and bring back your focus to the body part without judging yourself.
  • Repeat these steps for the whole body, focusing your attention to one part at a moment.
  • Take 5 deep breaths and rest for a while.

One Mind Dharma – Body Scan Meditation

This is a guided meditation on mindfulness of the body. It starts with a brief body scan, and opens up to the body as a whole, investigating experience in the physical body.


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Practice yourself some Mindful Me Moments and let us meet tomorrow. Until then repeat this “I am beautiful just the way I am”.


I Am Beautiful
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If you have not downloaded Mindfulness Planner yet, you can download here.

What do you love the most in today’s post??? What are your Mindful Me Moments??? Please share with us …..   🙂 🙂 🙂

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56 thoughts on “7 Everyday Practices For Mindful Moms : Day 4 – Be Mindful For Your Body- #BarAThon”

  1. You are strong! A fighter! To learn lessons from our own life and share it with others isn’t a small thing. We need to grow, to do that. Great tips here. Let us together spread positive vibes! 🙂

  2. Shivi chinnappa

    Wow.. accepting our limitation is not so easy.. you are an inspiration .. never heaed about this body scan meditation.. seems interesting.. thanks for sharing ..

  3. what an inspirational post this is Vasantha, a push is all we need to take a way forward towards health and happiness. This mindfulness is looking very helpful.

  4. You come up with such informative post each day Vasanta, I love the concept and theme you have chosen.

  5. Anamika Agnihotri

    I am going to do body scan meditation like the way you have enumerated. This makes me realise I have not thanked you for running this series on Mindfulness. Thank you 🙂

  6. priyadarshani panda

    Oh dear you indeed are a brave lady and never knew about all this you have come through so much more power to you

  7. Be happy in the moment and I loved the way I am..Two very strong lines that can help anyone keep going.

    An inspiring post Vasantha..

  8. Shalu Sharma Rathod

    Once again such an inspirational post! I am a diabetic & I realized early in my pregnancy that being mindful & listening to my body rather than my taste buds was really important for me. A healthy lifestyle has also helped me in a positive mind!

  9. Geethica Mehra

    You are beautiful the way you are Vasantha. This line had the ultimate power to accept the body as God has given it to us.

  10. My mindful me moments are sitting silently in one corner of the room and sipping coffee. Just 5 mins of time alone boosts the day up. Love your post

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