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Hers’s another great week for Mindful Monday – Healthy Living!Feeling healthy, energetic and enthusiastic !!!

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Last week : I am glad to take my Health Pledge this year. I did my Yoga and Meditation on all week days. I walked for 1 hour totally during this week. I continued my Metta Meditation practice. I’m continuing my eye exercises. Feeling better now. I was very much delighted to practice Mindful Eating.

To add to my mindfulness practice, this week I started to practice Mindful Detachment – mind fully detaching myself from most lovable actions or things. I hope it would help me to reduce my anxiety and love to actions or things and aids me to get attached with the almighty. As a first step of it, this week, on all days, I slept without my hug pillows. I love my hug pillows more. By this practice of  Mindful Detachment I was able to drop out my bonding to it. Every bonding of ours with any actions or things would certainly restrict us from moving to the higher level of Self Realization. Still I have to get deep into this …..

Namaskar – Giving Myself As An Offering 

In this post, I would like to share the happy feeling of doing Namaskar – Simplest Form of Yoga – Giving Myself As An Offering. In Indian tradition, usually Namaskar was done as greeting to elder and praying to God.

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“ The simplest form of yoga is Namaskar. Put your hands together and unite the polarities within and without.”
– Sadhguru

I do spend nearly 50 minutes daily in Namaskar during various times of my prayers and others. Simple steps for Namaskar :

  1. Put your hands together with your palms joined.
  2. Keep your hands in this pose just near to your chest.
  3. Remain in this pose for 30 seconds or more as you wish.
  4. Breath slowly.

My Insights of Namaskar Practice

  • Helps me for deeper level of physical relaxation.
  • Keeps me balanced.
  • Helps to control my thoughts.
  • Relieves me from stress and anxiety.
  • Improved my relationships.
  • Makes me more emphatic.
  • Giving myself as an offering to GOD.

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Share your health hacks with us……. Please feel free to join our health journey…..


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23 thoughts on “Namaskar – Giving Myself As An Offering – #MondayMusings”

  1. Wow, I never knew Namaskara can be so beneficial. I have taken up yoga in last few months and I love my morning meditation. But I still haven’t felt a spiritual connection with it. I do feel more calm and relaxed after it.

    Also I love the idea of the health pledge. Awesome!

  2. I applaud you for your commitment. Yoga, meditation, detachment, etc. are amazing practices that help us in reaching deep within us and detaching from the materialistic and petty joys. I could never find enough dedication inside of me to follow these enriching practices, though!

  3. Vasantha! I LOVED this post about your meditation and yoga. I subscribed to their YouTube so that I can work this video into my morning ritual. I felt wonderful after the short video. I felt the love come from all around. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a wonderful week. <3

  4. Sadhguru is a great asset for our times. A very positive influence in our deeply troubled times. I am so glad to see so many people being influenced by his teachings. Some I know personally. This gives me hope for my country and my world 🙂 This was a lovely video message from him, lovely in simplicity and yet so profound in its meaning if we open ourselves to it. Thanks for sharing, Vasantha!

    Namaskar to you!

    1. Glad you loved the video, Beloo !!! My life got totally changed when I saw Sadhguru and became a ISHA member during 2008. Till now HIS words helped me to move on happily in my life. Very lucky that I have connected with you through my blog.

      1. Somehow, and I can’t say why or how, but I could feel some sort of positive, uplifting, inspiring vibe every time I visited your space 🙂 So I am not surprised to hear that Sadhguru has had such a significant influence on your life. It reflects so subtly through your work here on this blog. I have heard some of his talks on youtube and read a few of the blogs on Isha Foundation’s website. By the way, did you read one of his recent things about the controversy surrounding Shani Temple? He was simply superb in explaining the subtle and not-so-subtle things. We need more of such voices for our civilisational renewal. And this is the beauty of India, as I understand. We will always have great souls like Sadhguru showing us the difference between dharma and adharma.
        As you probably know also, it is my Gurus only (Sri Aurobindo and the Mother) in whom I find the source, inspiration and strength to do all the writing that I do via my blogs. Their presence in my life makes all this outer work worthwhile and lot more meaningful than it will be otherwise.
        I am happy to connect with you too 🙂 Love and peace.

  5. I do suryanamaskar every morning and before starting o stand in the namste position for a while and concentrate on my breathing and body, but never thought of it much.
    This was such a beautiful post! And the video is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I will tell you the truth. I never saw Namaskar, until reading this post, as having spiritual meaning, though I should have. I join my hands in namaskar while doing surya namaskars. Next time I am going to do it, I will set my focus on bringing the polarities together.
    I see and imbibe so much of wisdom from Sadhguru’s sayings posted on Facebook. While reading this post, my mind created a thought I should follow his teachings.

  7. You are a very dedicated person! I have suffered from migraine headaches for many years due to many neurosurgery’s I had years ago and have heard many people say yoga is very beneficial. I appreciate this informative share. Have a wonderful weekend, Thank you.

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  9. I need to do the Mindful Detachment practice… there are some things (like my snuggle pillows too!) that I need to detach from. I enjoyed the Namaskar practice too.. will be trying it as well! Have a blessed week!

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