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Simple Meditation I Practiced :

During sitting or walking I noticed the world around me. I felt amazing how I was connected to everything. This mindfulness made me to realize the abundance of cosmic energy. When we listen to Universe, it will whisper all life lessons into your ears. Nearly I spent 20 minutes daily in full awareness what is going on around me, enjoyed the cool breeze and gazed at sky and stars happily.



Feeling positive, abundant  and blessed in completing another great week for Mindful Monday – Healthy Living!

Essence of last week :

” A week well spent is a life well lived “

I did my Yoga and Meditation on all week days.I continued my Metta Meditation practice.

I’m continuing my eye exercises. During night while sleeping, I put my palm over my eyes and blessed my eyes for its clarity and good vision. I thanked GOD for giving me this much vision positively. I started using Tear Drops for my eyes four times daily. Really my positive spirit and drops helped in improved vision clarity.

Very much excited to continue Mindful Detachment – mind fully detaching myself from most lovable actions or things. I hope it would help me to reduce my anxiety and love to actions or things and aids me to get attached with the almighty.

Healthy Recipes Of This Week

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New Addition :

Powermat Twist & Slim Twister

Mithu’s Health Journey :

Mithu is going for one and a half hours cricket coaching daily. He also bout the cricket tool kit this week. He’s really enjoying his practice sessions.

Mithu with his new cricket accessories

Meditation For this Week:

In this week. I would love to introduce Present Moment Meditation technique, another Buddhist Meditation.

Present Moment Awareness Meditation

  • Forget the past;
  • Drop thoughts of the future;
  • Experience only the present moment.

While seated on our meditation cushion, we can listen to birds chirping, street sounds, and so on, as long as we are only listening to the sounds of the present. We can enjoy the smell of incense as well.


Useful Resources

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Please feel free to join our health journey….. And share your experience with us……. 


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17 thoughts on “Well Spent Week – Connected With Universe – #MondayMusings”

  1. Another really mindful post, Vasantha! I love your meditation affirmation. Real life can only happen when we understand that it always only takes place now!

  2. I have never meditated, but yesterday, I discovered that my mother in law (who is in her late 80’s, born years before the practice of meditation became popular in the United States) meditated years ago. It makes me see her in a new light.

  3. Vasantha, I love your meditation journey. I love that your son is participating in a healthy journey too. It is interesting how when we give thanks for the good things in our life, they seem to increase 10-fold. Thank you for your positive affirmation. You are a truly amazing friend. I am so glad you are here! <3

  4. Becoming conscious of that innate connection with everything around can certainly be a great practice to attach with the larger force guiding everything. Your post reminded me of something one of my teachers often said – detachment happens when we begin to attach ourselves with something higher. By higher he of course meant the Divine. You may call it the Universal Energy, the Force or whatever. Name is not important, the inner connection is. Thanks Vasantha for this beautiful post, it invokes peacefulness. And good luck with your son’s practice too.

  5. Love the quotes.. words of wisdom.. I like the thought about mindful detachment.. someone has rightly said, enjoy everything but don’t get attached to anything…

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