Personal Tips

Daily Tips : Celebrate Abundance

The year 2015 is nearly going to say Good Bye. Welcome 2016 with more positivity, more happiness and more abundance. Celebrate the beauty of Nature. Celebrate Abundance. Celebrate Love. Celebrate Life. Acknowledge the strength of relationships, focus on building positive attitude and enhance your own spiritual connection during this new year.  And always be open to receive all the …

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Daily Tips : Compose Music

There are many apps helping to compose your own music. Like listening to a music, composing also has more benefits. Compose Music ….. Play Music ….. Dance with Music …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Benefits of composing music: Improves your attitude. Makes you calm. Enhances your confidence Love for life and much more … : 

Daily Tips : Be Mindful

Mindfulness is being aware of present. Cultivating the practice of mindfulness  can be a powerful way to train our minds and tune into the beauty of here and now. Be Mindful by Mindful eating Be in present Practice Silence Complaint Free Mindful Talk Practice forgiveness

Daily Tips : Small Change

Small changes give you big happiness.  GET CREATIVE. Try out : Eat an apple every afternoon Read something positive each night before bed Watch the sky daily for 5 minutes Commit yourself to smile at 5 persons daily Drink water at empty stomach Spend quality time with your family Throw the thrash at dustbin when …

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Daily Tips : Tech Diet

As eating diet improves your health, Tech Diet / Digital detox improves your relationship. Some ideas to have Tech Diet: Force some cellphone-free time. Take some time before responding. Don’t start and end your day with electronics and social media. Have an electronics-free day in your family. Cut down on the screen time. Reward the …

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Daily Tips : Dream … Dream … Dream …

In the loving memory of our Former President, Missile Man, Eminent Leader, Great Scientist, Proud Tamilian, Simple Personality, Motivator, Educationist and much more ….. Our Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam …. who lived and died as a Teacher …. May we all dream to make his dream come true…. ” Dream…. Dream…. Dream…. “