Encourage your kids

On one bored and moody Sunday, I saw the ad for an online drawing contest by Indian Moms Connect Magazine. I asked my son and my sisters son to make drawings for that contest.

They tried a lot and finally came out with good ones. During the full course of this drawing, I was sitting aside, enjoying the kids’ creativity. The lessons we learnt on that day were:

1. Kids are very creative when encouraged.

2. Guiding them for their success is Parents duty .

3. Parents can help kids to grow digitally by teaching cyber knowledge by little activities like this. ( Scanning, Saving, Mailing to the contest, exploring other entries in the contest site etc., )

4. With kids, parents can also become a kid.

5. Kids can be taught about quality time

6 .Kids can be taught to help others ( Mithu helped his brother in drawing ).

7. Kids can be Encouraged to be positively competent.

8. Still so many …


Dragon Contest entry
Mithu’s Dragon Drawing



Vicki Dragon
Vicky’s Dragon Drawing


And finally  … Happy that Mithu & Vicki had won Goodie Bags in that “Draw a Dragon Contest” organised by Indian Moms Connect Magazine …

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