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The Resource That Keeps Me Grounded …… #WTFOW Day 2

Welcome to the second day of  Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW.


Once I was depressed, stressful, angry, yelling, arguing, complaining and over reacting. I made the most awkward mess in my life.  But I learnt a great lesson out of it.


But all these rants transformed into celebration when I became an ISHA member during 2009. Thanks to my Guru for making me to realize the resource I have at my hands to be grounded always. So I want to share with you all today, my experience of enjoying that resource to the most …….  


The Resource That Keeps Me Grounded …… 


Rumi Quotes About The Resource - This Moment
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Through my meditation and mindfulness practices, I learnt the art of letting go, paused once in a while and started noticing the pleasant moments of my life.


“This moment is quite sufficient or even wonderful, and we simply hadn’t noticed.”

-Wes Nisker


I am me and I am enough. I didn’t have to punish myself for the things that I happened in my past, or allow self-pity to get in the way of my happiness.


I could simply enjoy and celebrate my life without my past defining me. As I practice to live in the present and be mindfully aware, I am becoming abundant, peace maker, kinder and more patient with myself and others. I really feel blessed for this resource.


This moment is abundant

This moment is alive

This moment is precious

This moment is powerful

This moment is bliss

This moment is divine

This moment is grace

This moment is life

The Resource That Keeps Me Grounded Is “This Moment” – Vasantha Vivek

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What resource do you have with you? Do you practice meditation and mindfulness? What do think about “This Moment”? Please leave your comments here …. 

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 – #WTFOW.


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42 thoughts on “The Resource That Keeps Me Grounded …… #WTFOW Day 2”

  1. This moment is powerful and so is this post. While there are many who will talk about the same thing as you have, but you have written it so well. Staying in the present and attempting to be happier in the present moment is a thing worth being practiced.
    The universe should be listening about making plans for our meeting 🙂

  2. Mindfulness and Meditation are great resources to be in the present especially when one is disturbed/angry. It makes us realize that thoughts are not necessarily reality. It’s fab that you are practicing it and have made it your way of life. Great going, Vasantha!

  3. A lovely post. Mindfulness and Meditation… Wonderful way of being.. I do keep t trying too.. But yes i can see how you do manifest these in your daily life. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. I truly believe in the magic of meditation, as I have myself experienced the positivity it brings in my life & the way it makes me a more balanced person. An absolutely necessary resource to have.

  5. This is such an interesting take on the topic. It’s difficult to always love in the moment, the past haunts us and the future concerns us… I hope some day I am able to overcome these in my mind and truly value each present moment

  6. I still need to unleash the power of Meditation but yes Mindfulness is something I manage to apply while I eat, while I listen, while I spend time with my Family. My resource these days is Gratitude. Thanks for linking and supporting me. #QuotedStories

  7. Such a beautiful post and what a wonderful take on this ptompt. Anger is never a solution, live in the moment and be greatful about it. Thank you so much for inspiring us with your posts.

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