The Treasure I Cherish For My Lifetime

The Treasure I Cherish For My Lifetime …… #WTFOW Day 1

I always love to participate in blogging challenges as they spice up my daily writing habits. Feeling proud about completing BarAThon Challenge successfully for the second time. With this, my writing was fueled with more power, hope and love. 


Now comes the Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW 7 days blog marathon. This is the first time, I’m doing this. So much excited and thrilled to be a participant on this. Wish me good luck!!!


The Treasure I Cherish For My Lifetime …… 


The Treasure
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When I was thinking about #WTFOW Day 1 prompt – The treasure you have – I had mixed emotions to write about many things. I was wondering what I’m going to write for this prompt …… Whether to write about ……


….. the old HMT watch gifted by my dad for my SSLC score. The first watch in my life. Still I have that with me as I have my dad in my hearts.


….. The first saree bought by my mom during my wedding. Always I adore sarees. So no wonder this first saree is being my all time favorite.


….. The books I received as gifts from my sister. Books are always my lovable gift from any of my friends and family members. Books will be around me all time wherever I go.


Books - My Treasure
All the items here are gifts to me …..


….. The first mail I got from my brother after getting to aboard on his work assignment.  That mail is so special in the sense, it is a mail full of warmth and love from a guy of fewer words.


….. many cute, funny, naughty and wonderful greeting cards from my friends  that made my college days more beautiful. Even today I get immersed into sweet old memories if I look into them.


….. the romantic, silly, lovable, adorable and costlier gifts from my hubby for various reasons and for no reasons too. He used to say he’s the most precious gift to be treasured in my life. 😛 😛 😛


…… the white strip that announced me as a mother for the first time. It remains in my all time keepsakes since it made my life more meaningful than ever.


The One That Announced My Motherhood
The One That Announced My Motherhood

……. various gifts I won for my blogging and writing. All those are my most liked things that are being used almost daily. They make myself to push further in my writing and blogging journey.


writing journal
Beautiful Writing Journal Won In A Giveaway From EverydayGyaan


…. but of those all I have, I am gifted only for my son’s unconditional love to me. He only took me into the journey of motherhood. He’s the one who loves me right from his birth without any reasons. My world revolves around him. And the best I ever did in my life was my decision to be a SAHM. This brought our mom-son relationship much closer.


The Treasure I Cherish For My Lifetime
The Treasure I Cherish For My Lifetime


“The treasure I cherish for my lifetime is the unconditional love of my son.” – Vasantha Vivek

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52 thoughts on “The Treasure I Cherish For My Lifetime …… #WTFOW Day 1”

  1. What a lovely post Vasantha, my dear. We all get so tied up in our fast paced lives that we forget to be grateful for these small treasures of life. I have a box which contains items like the first pair of cloths worn by my kids, the first rose my husband got me, a scrapbook from my school days, a 100 Rs. Note from my first salary etc…. that’s a big treasure for me too!

  2. Every waking moment of every day, and some non-waking moments, we make memories. Most vanish before the day is done; very few last a week. Some good memories return when reminders come along, but most are forever lost. We deal with this by keeping diaries, taking photos, or telling stories, and it all helps…a little. In quiet moments, reflecting on cherished memories, with loved ones or alone, we can feel the happiness. It’s so easy to do that we rarely think about the effort. Whenever we want to feel happy, we can remember a beautiful landscape, the smell of a wood fire, the smiles of loved ones, or even their touch. Most important, to remember an experience, you must experience it. To experience it, you must be fully in it. These suggestions are for preparing to make memories. Thinking about the preparations while you’re in the experience can take you out of the experience.

  3. All things which we possess, esp those someone gifted us, are truly some great treasures. But nothing can match your love for your child.
    Loved your pregnancy test strip.

  4. What a beautiful collection of memories! And such sweet things to remind you of the happy memories. For me, one of the most treasured items I have is something that doesn’t look like much but it is full of memories. It is a jar of stones of various colors and shapes. I take long walks with groups and I collected those stones from the places that I visited. The stones are full of stories and, so, each one is a treasure!

  5. Such lovely treasures you got there, Vasantha. Certain things holds more value to us than they really are because of the memories associated with it. I have a few such cherished things which I treasure beyond anything. Of course , the unconditional love to our kids tops all lists. Lovely post, Vasantha. 🙂

  6. Welcome VV to this challenge… I know you will rock it! This is such a shining post.. I love it 🙂 what lovely treasures you have and how wonderful for a child to grow up knowing je is treasured beyond everything by his mother.. Hats off dear.

  7. “son’s unconditional lov” – OMG Vasantha! This line struck a cord somewhere. My kids love me so much i just wish i could pause evrything that happening and just live in that moment.

  8. Beautiful post Vasantha….I loved reading about all your gifts and cards but unconditional loves beats all.

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