Join Us For Linky Party 12 – #HappySunday

Join Us For Linky Party 12 – #HappySunday

#HappySunday 12



Happy Sunday is a link party for bloggers to find, collaborate and visit other bloggers. We want to keep the party fun and useful to all of us, so if you are planning to drop link and runaway – Sorry! You have other places for that. We are strict and will be so in the future.


Know Our Crew



MENAKA BHARATHI from Simple Indian Mom is a Mom, an Agricultural Microbiologist, and a Mompreneur. She is an Organic Super Food Producer and Markets them under her own brand as SIM Organics. She is a Certified Mindful Parenting Consultant and believes parenting can be simple, easy and happy.

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VASANTHA VIVEK from My Sweet Nothings is a Mom, worked as a lecturer in computer science and Engineering for 15 years and is now a freelance content writer and contributing author for various reputed parenting websites. She loves sharing Indian Folk Tales to children and her students to inculcate moral values and ethics to them. She has also co-authored an upcoming anthology 100 Moms One Journey.

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Anubhuti Seth Mehn from Criesnlaughter is a mother of a two-year old, undergoing the stage of terrible twos and toddler tantrums. After completing PGDM, she worked in the corporate sector for 5 years she shifted her career path to building the generation of tomorrow by becoming a teacher. She is now a work-at-home mom, a teacher by profession with learning sessions always a part of her life.

Featured Posts From Last Weeks Party

We have two Featured Posts for this week based on the most number of clicks and crews personal pick. The most number of clicks was received by Upasana Sethi’s
The Crews Personal Favorite Post is Manisha Garg’s

Rules To Join The Party

  1. Follow the hosts on any social media platform.
  2. Visit and comment on the post before yours and pin at least two other posts.
  3. You can add up to 2 recent posts per week.
  4. Add our button
Simple Indian Mom
Simple Indian Mom


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3 thoughts on “Join Us For Linky Party 12 – #HappySunday

  1. What a lovely way to share! A great resource for blog sharing. Since I rarely, if ever, pin, I’m not going to drop a link and disappear. But I will drop a comment and I will tweet! Have a happy Sunday.

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