Valentine’s Day Link Up Party – #LoveIsInTheAir – 27 Awesome Reasons Why I Love My Hubby


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Welcome to #LoveIsInTheAir  – Valentine’s Day Link Up Party !!!

Do you love celebrating Valentine’s Day? Do you remember your first Valentine’s Day? Have you written poems for your love? Do you have your list of Why I Love?

Here’s my 27 Awesome Reasons Why I Love My Hubby – Dedicating this post to my dearest hubby as Valentine’s Gift ……. You know 101 reasons or 99 ways or 13 love you or something or some number. But why 27 reasons in specific??? Wait ….. I will come to 27 at the end of this post……. 😛

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You are my LOVE, 27 Awesome Reasons Why I Love You …….

I Love You, Because …….

I know you’ll never give up on me

I can’t imagine the my life without you

I know you’ll always be there when I badly needs you

I love the way you let me live my life freely

I am what I am as you shaped me

I am taught about what love is

I live my life fullest with you

I feel complete with you and you only

I love the way you look at me

You can’t be far away from me anytime

You gave me the most romantic gift – our love boy

You and me are the same

You trust me more than I do

You make our love story happily never-ending

You take my breath away every time I look at you

You spark my creativity and imagination

You make me feel better when times are tough

You are my friend, strength, cheer leader

We always make more romance after a fight

We are born for each other

We love Laughter, Family and Friends

We enjoy our differences 

We love and live for our dreams

We are in the way to build palace for our prince

We believe we are the best romantic couple 

We enjoy each other physically, mentally and emotionally

We are abundant in loving each other

Can anybody figure out the reason for 27 ? We got married on June 27, 2002. So 27 is always my favorite ….. <3 <3 <3 😛 😛 😛

Come and join with me to celebrate #LoveIsInTheAir – Valentine’s Day Link Up Party ……

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  • Spread the love in the air.

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22 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Link Up Party – #LoveIsInTheAir – 27 Awesome Reasons Why I Love My Hubby”

  1. I may just do that, Vasantha – it’s only Saturday morning 2/13 here on the East Coast of the United States so I may be a little late to the party. These are all such lovely reasons for love, and should be celebrated- wishing you many, many, more. (My number would be in the 40’s, by the way, as in “anniversaries” thinking of all those reasons should be interesting.)

  2. So beautiful. I blogged about love today too but in a much different way. I wrote about how to say goodbye to someone you love when they die. It sounds sad but I promise it’s not. Love doesn’t end at the end of life but you can help your loved one to pass surrounded in love and peace. I’d “love” if you’d check it out.

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