12 Things to be happy everyday

Thanks Anamika for tagging me in your happy list. Always I enjoy writing various lists, and I feel more happy to share my happy list with you all.

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  1. Mindful MorningsAs I’m an early bird, I’m happy to start my day mindfully. Love to enjoy cool breeze, yoga, meditation, birds, sunrise and solitude moments. Little things make life more beautiful.
  2. This Moment – Once I was a victim of depression and attempted suicides also. But now I can proudly say that I am a survivor. Thanks to learning the significance of “This Moment”. I am an ISHA follower and I hold the responsibility of enjoying this moment fully. I let go the past and let free the future but hold on to the present. 
  3. Green TeaI am not big fan of hot drinks. But prefer coffee than tea. My mornings will always start with green tea only. I love the aroma, taste and health aspect of it. To know me more, rush here.
  4. BooksBooks are my all-time favorite. You can never catch me without a book. Touching the books, smell of the book, texture of the book, words of the book, friends who love books, and everything about books fascinate me much more than anything else in this world.
  5. NatureIs there anybody who don’t love nature. My happiness quotient will shoot up when I am close to nature. I adore the vastness of our Mother Earth, Tall Mountains, Roaring Sea, Amazing Waterfalls, Floating Clouds, Colorful Rainbows, Cool Breeze, Beautiful Flowers, Wild Forest, Deep Woods and the list is endless.
  6. Pooja and PrayersMy life is not complete without Pooja and Prayers. It makes me happy since it connects me with God and helps me to know me better. 
  7. FamilyBeing with my family energize me a lot. Thanks to all my family members for being supportive, loving, encouraging and trusting.
  8. FriendsFriends make my life colorful, beautiful and lovable. They are my extended family. Time spent with my friends are always memorable time.
  9. Food – Without food, I feel life will be boring. I love to eat different variety of food. Also I love to cook for my family and friends. I’m happy to be blessed with tasty food throughout my life.
  10. Social Media  Social Media opened a new world to me. It helps me to connect to a wider range. Facebook and twitter are my choice to connect better and faster.
  11. Blogging – My blog is my second child. It helped me a lot. I Blog Therefore I Am.
  12. Love  Love keeps the world going and growing. Do you need reasons to love my hubby, son, family, friends? Happy to be loved and more happy to love.

Would you like to join me in making your own happy list? I will be happy to pass on the tag.

I would like to read the happy list of RAMYA ABHINAND. Also I am very curious to know what makes Romila happy in her life.

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37 thoughts on “12 Things to be happy everyday”

  1. Though shopping is not an everyday affair but it makes me happy..Besides that, if I find time for reading and writing on daily basis,I am a happy gal.

  2. Anamika Agnihotri

    Thank you Vasantha for joining me with your happy list. Hugs to you Vasantha. You are one brave woman to have overcome depression and suicidal attempts. One aspect which I appreciate of yours is your innate ability to spread love and support through your sweet encouraging words. Stay the same person as you are.

  3. Are we twins separated at birth? Most of the things you mentioned make me happy too. I’m a coffee addict though and only drink green tea when I want to drink something that is warm and non calorific.

  4. Shalinj baisiwala

    I love making lists too, especially by hand on a notepad and then crossings off actions completed.
    Loved your list- wonderful to see small things make you so happy. Cheers V – keep writing, always!!

    1. I too enjoy lists by hand … usually make a green tick on completion. Thanks for the love, Shalu !!!

  5. All the things that make me happy too. I can’t start working until I have my green tea 😀 and I could so related to the books part… Yeah just the smell and feel of the book makes me happy 😀 loved the positivity in this post.

  6. Such a happy list this is! Made me happy reading it. I see we have a few things in common, reading, writing, food and of course, Social Media!:)
    Keep smiling and keep writing, Vivi!:)

  7. Oh Vasantha, that made me happy to read! Nature, green tea, friend and family:-) YUP! That’s what life is about. And even with life’s ups and dows – it’s ok – being in the rain and dark makes us appreciate the light even more, right:-) Lovely read:-)

  8. Happy list it is indeed! Sometimes a nice cup of green tea, or any tea for me and some good food is all it takes to come out of a low phase, isn’t it? We forget how blessed we are, we can all use some reminder to pay attention to how so many things can bring us into the light and feeling of happy contentment.

  9. Thank you for Linking up for #HappySunday in my blog. Yes Vasantha, I will be very happy to join you in making my own happy list, if you can please pass the tag to me but as I am travelling I will be able to do this activity only next month, hope that it is not a problem. Please tweet me if you are passing this tag @npreads. It’s no secret that I love lists and my to be wife Novemberschild (@romspeaks) has been inspiration for this habit. Lists are soothing. They’re simple. They provide instant gratification and purpose. In the current media environment, a list is perfectly designed for our brain. We are drawn to it intuitively, we process it more efficiently, and we retain it with little effort. All your 12 things that makes you happy are very happy things.

    1. Oh ….. that’s great ….. Sure …. I am also eager to read your happy list … so tagging you in my post ….. I too love lists … Lists attracts me on anyday and everyday ….. And I’m enjoying the friendship of your’s & Roma …. Stay blessed …. 🙂

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