Why do #ISupportJallikattu personally?

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Today Tamilnadu is looked upon nationwide and worldwide because of Jallikattu. Thousands of people are protesting at Marina Beach in Chennai, demanding revocation of ban on Jallikattu imposed by the Supreme Court in 2014. The peaceful protest has reached every nook and corner of not only Tamilnadu but the whole Nation. The protests, mostly by students and techies, entered second day on Wednesday and still continue with more strength and power. Nearly 5,000 students are protesting at Chennai’s Marina beach and many at various places of Tamilnadu.

What really Jallikattu refer to?

 Jallikattu or Sallikkattu also known as Eru thazhuvuthal and Manju virattu, is a bull taming event typically practiced in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day. In ancient times, the sport was described as Yeru thazhuvuthal, which means embracing the bull. During Jallikattu, a running bull is released into a crowd of people. Participants attempt to grab the bull’s hump and ride it for as long as possible, attempting to bring the bull to a stop.

Why Jallikattu is needed?

This practice ensures that only the strongest and most virile bulls are used for breeding, thus effectively making the offspring of such bulls stronger, less susceptible to diseases and able to produce higher quality milk. Jallikattu is the traditional and only practical way by which farmers in Tamil Nadu are able to preserve the genetic strength and traits of the indigenous cattle breeds. Jallikattu also serves a secondary purpose of providing farmers to hold onto their bulls. 

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Watch Sadhguru on Jallikattu – Stop Slaughter, Not the Sport!

Why #ISupportJallikattu personally?

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  • Jallikattu is an integral part of Tamil culture. It’s a living ancient sport of our culture. It is our pride/tradition.
  • Cow and bulls are treated as family members and not animals. In fact they are being worshipped as vahana of Lord Shiva.
  • It’s a brave sport. Our youth can participate in this and prove their strength and valour.
  • It’s a ritual required for reproduction of cows and bulls.
  • It is helpful for the maintaining the cow to bull ratio, which has seen a reduction after 2004.
  • It will preserve the India’s Indigenous Cattle Breeds from extinction, and already one of the beautiful cattle breed Alambadi is now officially extinct. It may increase the quantity and quality of native cattle breeds.
  • By Jallikattu farmers will get incentives to breed native cattle breeds. So the breeds may not become extinct.
  • If the sport is banned, farmers will be forced to abandon the raising of native livestock, which already stands threatened due to the extensive use of motor pumps, tractors and mechanised agriculture.
  • We will be forced to use processed milk. You can read Menaka‘s post on Scary Secrets Behind Ban On Jallikattu and deteriorating Indian Health.
  • Using of processed milk may lead to cancer and other deadly diseases. This may increase the price of medicines and tablets in our country.
  • Lifting ban on Jallikattu will be a black mark on our nation.
  • So far no violence, no break of law and order, no threantening for public and ladies are reported.
  • And this is the first time a protest led by youth and youth only. Celebrities and politicians are not allowed.
  • And more personally I would like to support well disciplined youth who are more powerful to bring the change in all aspects. It’s the right time to prove our support for youth.

How can you support Jallikattu?

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18 thoughts on “Why do #ISupportJallikattu personally?”

  1. Very well written post Vasantha! Jallikattu is a part of Tamil Tradition and you have rightly mentioned that it will surely be a black mark to our country if they ban the sport. There is so much of undercurrent political issues happening within this Bull fight ban that somehow we feel disappointed.
    #ISupportJallikattu and would surely stand with you in this

  2. Totally with you Vasantha. I have already signed the petition. The decision to ban is hasty without really considering other aspects. The authorities should have looked into protecting the rights of the bull by setting guidelines for acceptable behaviour.

  3. I agree with you, local traditions need to be followed and maybe change with the times. Maybe more safety measures might help.
    It is a detailed and insightful post. Thanks.

  4. I really cannot comment as I do not know a lot about the topic and my opinions will be based only on what I have read. In India, traditions are held very close to people’s hearts and I guess thats why the outrage. But I guess there is a thin line between traditions and incorporating evolving changes.
    Lets hope a balance is maintained.

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