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As I am a foodie, I refer to many Indian food blogs for easy, authentic cuisines from our country and worldwide. In fact, the inspiration for my blog is my sister and food blogger Srividhya fromVidhya’s Vegetarian kitchen. So listing here – 8 Amazing Indian Food Bloggers To Follow…

8 Amazing Indian Food Bloggers To Follow

Srividhya Gopalakrishnan alias Sri



Srividhya blogs at Vidhya’s Home Cooking aka Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen – A vegetarian food blog with unique and interesting recipes from all over the world mainly focused on South Indian Cuisine. From traditional, authentic recipes to fusion and eggless bakes, you can find it all in Vidhya’s Vegetarian kitchen.

Popular Categories: Breakfast, eggless cakes, instant pot recipes, and vegetarian pizza recipes.

Blogging From: 2009




Deepa is a loving, caring housewife and a busy mom running behind two lovely and notorious kids. She has too many interests from her childhood. Paintings, embroidery, gardening, and cooking are her favorite pass times. She loves spending her time in exploring things through Google, designing costumes for her daughter and herself, playing with kids, cooking different healthy recipes and she feels glad to say that she has got a healthy hobby as a blogger, blogging in the name of Madraasi.

Popular Categories: Breakfast, after-school snacks, nonvegetarian, and no-cook recipes.

Blogging From: 2013

Rachna Parmar



Rachna is a work-at-home mom of two feisty kids and one Labrador. In her home, all of them love eating. She has been sharing her food experiments on her Facebook page for some time. And finally decided to take the plunge and share her passion for cooking by making a separate blog named Rachna Cooks. 

Popular Categories: Breakfast, north Indian recipes, One dish meal, and south Indian recipes.

Blogging From: 2008

Vidya Srinivasan



Vidya Srinivasan started her blog Traditionally Modern Food to primarily keep a record of sorts for all the recipes that she tries. Instead of writing everything that she learned in a notebook, publishing it on the internet would help not only her but a lot of people who are looking for new and interesting recipes. She has learned a lot about cooking and various cuisines from fellow bloggers, and this is also one way of giving back to the world of food blogging, which is a treasure trove of information for cooks at all stages.

Popular Categories: Breakfast, toddler-friendly recipes, microwave oven, and lunch box recipes.

Blogging From: 2014

8 Amazing Indian Food Bloggers To Follow

Puspanjalee Das Dutta



Puspanjalee is a foodie who blogs at Foodie On the Road. Her blog is for all who follows healthy cooking and healthy living. In her blog, she promotes food and travel in her native state, Assam.

Popular Categories: Assamese recipes. Chicken recipes, restaurant reviews, and traditional sweets.

Blogging From: –

Swapna Karthi

Since her childhood days, Swapna always had a love towards cooking and her Home Science classes paved the way for it. Her Home Science lab was her foremost kitchen before Swapna’s Kitchen where she started blogging about cooking recipes from basic to expert levels.

Popular Categories: Breakfast, chutney varieties,  zero sugar sweet recipes, and baked goodies.

Blogging From:




Shalini is an army wife and blogger at Something’s Cooking. She started blogging to record the recipes she tried in her kitchen. She tries a variety of south Indian and north Indian dishes in her kitchen. 

Popular Categories: Kerala cuisine, Chinese dishes, south Indian varieties and desserts.

Blogging From: 2015

Tina Basu



Tina is a chef and photographer blogging at Twinkling Tina Cooks. her love story with food and the kitchen started when she relocated from hometown Kolkata, India to Bangalore to pursue her post-graduation. She was tired of the canteen food in college (which was hopeless) and outside food and decided to set up her own kitchen. There was no looking back after that. All recipes in her blog are her renditions of popular and classic recipes from across the world. You can expect authentic Bengali recipes and Indian Recipes. 

Popular Categories: Breakfast, salads, soup, and desserts.

Blogging From: –


Do you love cooking? Who are your favorite food bloggers? Do share with us…


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37 thoughts on “8 Amazing Indian Food Bloggers To Follow – #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. Thank you so much Vasantha for joining in this week! You really made my day. I have only followed Rachana, Tina and Shalini and I agree that they are amazing food bloggers. I will check out the others too once the Alexa challenge is over. 🙂

  2. This is very interesting list and I have gone through few of them, they are awesome and their passion for food shows in every dish they serve us…
    You have taken enough care to retain the flavour of each one of food blogger.

  3. Cooking at times works as a stress buster for me. Many of the names mentioned above are my fav and I almost stalk their websites/channels 🙂

  4. Although I am also a foodie, I don’t follow any food blogger specifically. I just can’t cook, I tried many times but couldn’t develop those skills in me. I love to watch cooking videos and feel satisfied by that only 😀 But it’s a great list, I know some of the food bloggers from the list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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