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Product Review : Matrikas Creative Women Journal – Scribble Your Heart Away

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My love for print media started when I was young since my father had a renowned printing press at Kovilpatti. So I had a good chance to have many varieties of diaries, notebooks, scribbling pads, journals and binders. I confess that my love for diaries and journals is still in its hike.

For two compelling reasons, I decided to have my own MatrikaS Creative Women Journal. First, it is manufactured at ” King Town Of Paper Products”Sivakasi, a very nearby town of my place, Kovilpatti. Second, its illuminating design and the caption, Creative Women Journal attracted me the most to go for its review.

About MatrikaS Paper Product:

Matrikas is owned by SFA Print (P) Ltd. The name MatrikaS derives from the Sanskrit word for “MOTHER”, denoting the powerful energies. Their refreshing range of products includes Notebooks, Journals, Diaries and high quality book making services.

MatrikaS range of Paper Products presents you with the premium space to stimulate your mind and unleash your creative best. Their range includes exquisitely designed and Diaries, Products that you would love as much to just hold on to as to flaunt.


MatrikaS Logo

They have four creative types of Woman’s Journal In their collection.

Woman’s Journal: Butterfly

Woman’s Journal: Dragon Fly

Woman,s Journal: Feather

Woman’s Journal; Fish.

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Why MatrikaS Creative Women Journal is close to my heart?

I have a variety of journals and diaries with me. Call me old-fashioned that I still love paper and pen in this tech era for scribbling my heart out. My friends always prefer to gift me with books, stationary, diaries, journals and book accessories.  I too love them than any other gifts.


Journal Varieties


The journal I received from MatrikaS is Woman’s Journal: Feather. It’s hot red in color with hard bound, screen printed and special cover material. The attractive RED color and the embossed golden feather and polka dots took me into some wonderland. Really its heartfelt gift for a blogger and writer like me.


Women Journal Feather


Creative Women Journal


As soon as I got this, I can not stop myself exploring it. As my hubby draws well, I asked him to fill the personal details page. He chose RED for my name as the color of the journal. Thanks dear for all your love to me.


Personal Details Page


The paper quality was excellent. It has an elastic band to keep the journal safe. The most adorable feature is 8 adult coloring sheets, made of delightful and detailed elements inspired by nature. I used them for coloring, shading and doodling, which are therapeutic and stress relieving for me. It was a soothing exercise that elevated my mood.


Butterfly Adult Coloring


This journal also contains sticker pages. It gives many ideas for a creative writer. The journal has lined sheets and empty sheets for one’s convenience to pen down. It also has customized date column. It has natural shade papers which are more friendly to my eyes and hands. Satin Page Marker will help you to find the last written page more easily.


My Secret List


The manufacturers of this journal were so keen on its design that they had satisfied the every need of a writer. You can keep sake some important cards and things in the pouch on the back cover. It also has a perfect place to hold a pen.


How MatrikaS Women Journal can be used creatively?

  • Personal use for creative writing, doodling, coloring and scribbling your heart.

  • Gifts for loved ones, writers, authors and bloggers on any occasion.

  • Giveaways for blog and social media contests.
  • As therapeutic stress busters.


Benefits of Matrikas creative women journal

What Rating can be given for MatrikaS Creative Women Journal?

Super Creative Attractive with rating 5 / 5.

About The blog chain of Matrikas Creative Women Journal Review:

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Do you love journals and diaries??? Have you got this beautiful journal??? What’s your opinion about this review???? Please feel free to share with us !!!

Disclaimer :  This review is  written for MatrikaS ” Scribble your heart away….” Campaign 2! This post is not a sponsored / paid post. It’s an honest review in exchange of a complimentary copy from the brand. This review is purely my personal opinion.

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  1. Wow! What a lovely and detailed review. Enjoyed participating in this blog chain and connect with fellow mom bloggers. I would say, this journal brought all of us together!

  2. This is such a beautiful journal. I love the way you have reviewed this, definitely gonna order one soon. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. That’s a lovely journal, Vasantha. The review was great too. I too share the love for journals and diaries and find myself drawn to them whenever I visit bookstores that stock them.

  4. Geethica Mehra

    I too have an addiction for paper and pen. This woman journal is beautiful and I am soon gonna own one.

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