U For Unplug: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN

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Welcome to A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies

The twenty-first letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is U. U is for Unplug

Unplug is disconnecting physically, mentally and spiritually from all outer world. It is also doing things that would contribute to one’s happiness and inner peace.


Unplug is disconnecting physically, mentally and spiritually from all outer world. It is also doing things that would contribute to one’s happiness and inner peace.


In our house, we usually switch off wi-fi, mobiles and other electronic devices in the night. And one rule we follow strictly is no mobile during meal times. Also, I practice Digital Detox Diet quite often.


A To Z 2018 Challenge - U For Unplug


This has improved our relationship quotient, health, bonding and our joy.


4 Simple Ways To Unplug and Recharge Yourself


Unplug A Day 

Once in a week, I used to unplug from my online and social media presence. Usually, Sunday is the preferred day as my Unplug Day. I will switch off my mobile and connect fully with my family and friends. This helped me to do things that I love, savor the little joys and enjoy self-care.

Be Creative

Unplugging from the digital world gives me more time to do other things I enjoy. I can utilize that extra time more creatively like writing, blogging, coloring, and cooking. Anything done creative will boost our energy level and keeps us refreshed.

Slow Down

Life has new lessons for every day. But in our busy schedule, we tend to miss to learn from those lessons. So slow down to notice the little things in your life. See the beauty, color, and freshness of your balcony flowers. Appreciate the sunlight flowing into your house. Be grateful for this moment. Eat slowly and mindfully. Life can wait. 

Enjoy Nature

Look at the passing clouds over your window. Watching shapes in the passing clouds is my favorite childhood game. Spend time in your garden. Decorate your house with plants and flowers. Go Green. Mindfully watch something in nature for just 5 to 10 minutes. I did this exercise in my yoga class and watched a huge mountain nearby. Really it shattered my ego and left me with teary eyes.


U For Unplug



Other words to explore 

Understand, Unwind, Unite


Mindfulness Challenge For The Day

Connect Mindfully

  • Do you know your neighbor? Start a conversation with them. Invite them for a cup of tea. 
  • Smile to a complete stranger in the bus/ train or on the street. 
  • Call up a friend whom you have not heard in a while.
  • Write a handwritten letter to a friend living in another country.


Unplug, Unwind, Unstress


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Do you have any unplug hacks? How do you practice slow down?  Share your views with us …


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10 thoughts on “U For Unplug: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN”

  1. I am going to just unplug in May.. few days to go!!! Want this detox badly. But can I stay away from blogging ? don’t know after this challenge it has become a ritual to just open up the laptop and start writing . It’s lije a detox in itself. But yes , I will certainly keep away the phone for few days. And pick up a book. I have so many books lying unread.

  2. I unplug by reading and drawing, and chatting qith old friends. It important that we don’t forget the human connection

  3. I’ve only recently learned the importance of unplugging oneself and today I’m a much calmer person thanks to this.

    I unplug by sitting in my balcony with a cup of tea and watching the world go by. Or by meeting my girls for a drink and dancing like there is no tomorrow!

  4. I do that once in a while during the day, or when I am really fed up with the phone, I go off the wifi and go out for a walk. The fresh air does a lot more good to the mind than being online and in contact with the virtual world….the unreal world.

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