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Sibling stories are the hottest yet sweetest stories. No wonder why all bloggers here are very eager to share their sweet sibling stories in one way or other. And myself is not an exception in this case.

When Ila Varma approached me to board with her on the Blog Train of SiblingStories in collaboration with the brand Ang Tatva, I felt very much excited. She has networked with 37 esteemed bloggers around the world to participate in this blog train for #SiblingTalk reviving the sweet and tickling hours spent with loving siblings and unearth the golden memories of the past. 

Feeling glad to meet all the fabulous bloggers in this blog train and special thanks go to Sweta Papaiyawala of Explore N Bite who boarded the train just before me and introduced me. 

Thanks for boarding into this sweet and cute blog coach – An Ode To My heart and Soul


An Ode To My heart and Soul

All my friends are sharing the sweet memories of their siblings here. But my post is going to speak in a different voice as the struggles we faced, bad times we crossed, been moral support to each other and lots of gratitude and love towards each other.

Ours is a small middle-class family. My dad owned a printing press and my mom is a housewife. We are three children to this lovely couples. Myself, younger sister and younger brother. We were brought up like royal kids. We had servants for all our needs. And all our dreams came into reality with hard efforts of my dad. My mom is an innocent lady who knows only her family and their love. It would have been a beautiful story if this has continued till today.

But God has his own plans. It was like yesterday when we lost out dad at a very young age. Those were the darkest days in our family. We were almost in a position to run away from our place due to the sudden death of my dad, drowning business of our dad’s, having huge debts, I being the only earning member of the family and having a very low salary. We faced so many critics and struggled a lot to pay all our debts. Twenty years went like a flash. Now we are proud that we retained back in our place and all we three are having an amazing life.

So when Ila approached me for this blog train, I was delighted and thought this may be my thanks letter to my sister and my brother.

To My Heart – My Loving Sister

Viji, Hope you are doing good. My love and hugs to you. You are just one year younger than me. So I always feel that you are my best friend. I have to admit that earlier I was a little jealous of your beauty, boldness, and humor. And our childhood went with arguments, fights and cold wars.

Though we fought with each other, we never failed to fight for each other. You are present in all walks of my life. And I apologize now, for not informing you about our dad’s critical situation at the right time. Truly, I was not aware at that time that we were going to miss him very soon. And I was shattered to pieces on seeing your wildest cry upon your arrival after dad’s death. Really sorry, dear!



I felt your tremendous love only when you decided to be present with me for my delivery. As you are a Physiotherapist, Dr. Latha, our family doctor allowed you to be in the delivery room with the medical team. You were very supportive and encouraging towards me at that painful moment. You were the first to hold my son and I was very much happy about that. I was really amazed by your boldness.

Also, you helped mom and me by taking one month leave from your job. Without you, we would not be able to have so many wonderful shots of him at his early stage. Still now, you pamper him as much as your first son. I feel bad that I was not able to help you like this during your pregnancy as I was working then.

You are so humorous and funny. You make all our sorrows disappear in the air with your witty presence. I wish your life to be fulfilled with happiness, peace, and love.

Your loving big sister, Vasantha

To My Soul – My Loving Brother

Mani, Hope you are coming here for your vacation. You are the youngest in our family. Yet you are the one who faced a lot at a young age. You are truly beautiful by your heart.

I take this as an opportunity to thank you for two things. First one, been a responsible brother of getting us married. I know how you struggled in finding a bridegroom for me. Nearly the struggle went for two and a half years. But you never felt tired or irritated. Your patience and your love have found a wonderful life partner for me. You made our marriage a grand success. I felt very proud when everyone appreciated your efforts. Thank you so much, da.



The second moment when I felt deep gratitude for you were during your reception. That was another black day for me as I got my vision loss due to retina detachment. I was not able to see properly and I refused to attend your reception. But you were so strong that there were no special moments without me. I knew how much pressure you had on that day. You were not able to enjoy your life’s special moments. Sorry for that and a great thanks for being with me at all my hard times.

Your bond with my son is really a gift to him. I am blessed to have you as my brother. And I wish to have you as my brother in my next birth also. May God bless you with second life soon. Also wish you for more happiness, love, and peace in that second life.

Your loving big sister, Vasantha

Sibling Stories - an Ode To My Heart And Soul

Hope almost everyone would have these sweet sibling stories in their hearts forever. If so, what memories do you feel like sharing about your siblings? Comment here…… 🙂 🙂 🙂


Next, I welcome Vartika Gakhar of vartikasdiary to board this blog train. She’s a blessed mother of beautiful twin girls and a happy wife of a man with a golden heart. She’s a dreamer and mantra of her life is “Chase your dreams, not the people”.  She embarked on her blogging journey in September 2017. She has a versatile blog where she shares her experiences in parenting, travel, cooking, relationships, lifestyle and social issuesDo join with me in welcoming her.



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43 thoughts on “An Ode To My Heart And Soul – #SiblingStories”

  1. Sweet post, Vasantha. Family support is so precious. How wonderful to see the close bond you have with your siblings. It’s a treasure. Inspiring to read your post! Wishing you and your family happy times ahead. Happy Diwali to you. Love, Vidya

  2. Vasantha, truly heartfelt post as always. I feel, it’s God’s way of making us strong through unexpected events(which we don’t want to encounter). Kudos to you and your family for staying strong and united during those tough days. It’s the love for each other that motivates us not to give up.

  3. Wow. Quite a roller coaster of a ride you have shared with your siblings. All of you were fortunate to have each other during your tough times. May God bless your bond

  4. Sorry for your loss, Vasatha and kudos to all of you for fighting all the odds and leading a wonderful life. I’m sure your brother and sister will treasure these letters forever. Soulfully written.

  5. It is evident that you have gone through some tough times with your family very early in life. But it is so motivating to read about how you three have stuck together with each other through all this. More power and love to you and your family.

  6. The way you have written the letter to your younger sister is truly heart touching. She was truly a big support during your delivery.

  7. Such a heart felt post. I can empathise you because my father lost his father at a very young and I know what he has gone through. And honestly, despite going all those thing, you are always cheerful person and that is the best part about you. May God bless you and your family.

  8. It was a heart touching post dear. The way you wrote the letter, gets my eyes filled with tears. God has given you enough strength and your posts depicted that you are really more stronger. Stay blessed.

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