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The sixteenth letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is P. P is for Prayer.

Prayer or worship is the communication or conversation between the soul and the super soul. The soul uses prayer as an offering, to thank and to connect with the super soul. 


Prayer or worship is the communication or conversation between the soul and the super soul. The soul uses prayer as an offering, to thank and to connect with the super soul. 


Prayers are powerful and I believe prayer does miracles. It makes us calm and connects the God. They are the high-frequency vibrations that make the cosmos fulfil your wishes. It is the good way to start our inner journey. It can be anything like your daily chores as your work, cooking, listening to music, dancing.


A To Z 2018 Challenge - P For Prayer

How To Be More Prayer-tiful Daily? 

  1. Start your day more positively.
  2. Fix your convenient time either in the morning or in the evening. Morning Prayer is the best way to start the day but you can do it any time.
  3. Listen to Om chanting. Or chant yourself, Om, silently. Chant at least for 21 times daily.
  4. Use various things and ways to inspire yourself. Oil Lamp, Kolam, Incense Sticks, Colorful Light, Chanting Box, Stickers, Bell are the best choice.
  5. Use yoga and meditation as a preparation to connect with the Almighty.
  6. Thank the God when getting up from the bed, taking your food, going to sleep and for all the blessings in your life.
  7. Pray together as a family. Recite 108 mantras or slogams for your favourite god or goddess. Praying as a group will produce high vibration and energy.
  8. Teach your kids about the importance and power of prayer. Make them pray every single day. 
  9. Celebrate our traditional festivals as an offering to our God.
  10. Visit ancient temples with your family. Plan for spiritual tours during your vacation. Also, start your Spiritual Journal to record about the temples visited.
  11. Play bhakti songs and be cautious to never utter any negative words.
  12. Bow to the five elemental sources of our life – Sky, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. 
  13. Tell epic stories like Mahabharat and Ramayana to your kids.
  14. Conduct free spiritual classes in your street to educate the people with the power of mantras and other significant things.
  15. Follow your Spiritual Guru and his words to connect take you to the next higher dimensions. 
  16. Greet all with Namaskar. Bless everyone with love, abundance, and positivity.
  17. Never hesitate to do the things that make you happy.
  18. Practice gratitude and be grateful for all your blessings.
  19. Repeat the question “Wha Am I?” and seek the answer through your prayer.
  20. Write something daily. It can be the mantra, cooking tips, blogging ideas. Writing is therapeutic and healing.


P For Prayer


Other words to explore 

Patience, Peace, Pause, Present

Mindfulness Challenge For The Day

Take a TRIP with God

Ask the following questions:

T – Thanks: For what am I thankful?
R – Regret: What do I regret?
I – Introspect: Who am I and Whom do I need to pray for?
P – Purpose: What is my purpose or plan? (this day, week, my life)

Without God, You Cannot. 

Without You, God Will Not.

God Plus You, Destinies Can Be Designed.

– Mahatria Ra


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How do you start your day? What prayer do you do daily? Share your views with us …

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11 thoughts on “P For Prayer: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN”

  1. Nice post, Vasantha! Overall, prayer is a beautiful habit/practice that helps us be humble and grateful. It teaches so much…thoughtfulness, sensitivity, humility, acceptance….I love it when the prayer is said for others. 🙂

  2. I believe Prayer isn’t about demanding from God the results that we want and then looking at our watches. It’s about total surrender and absolute faith in His perfect will.

  3. I believe in the power of prayers so they are an integral part of my daily life. They help me to stay calm and guide too. Love the tips to prayer better! Thanks for sharing, Vasantha!

  4. I have always found reciting the Gayathri mantra 108 times in the evenings brings immense peace to the mind. I like to visit small temples where the crowd is less and I can sit down somewhere calmly and be at one with the divine.

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