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The seventeenth letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is Q. Q is for Quiet.

Quiet is making no or little noise. Being quiet is making or becoming silent, calm and still.


Quiet is making no or little noise. Being quiet is making or becoming silent, calm and still.


We are living in a sound dominated world. We are forced to hear many chatting from people, mind, environment, and things. Zen Buddhists refer to the constant chatter of the mind as monkey mind. And it’s really hard to find time to quiet our mind and our soul. Indulging in quiet moments will help in your mindfulness journey. Explore many ways to tame your monkey mind like practicing gratitude, doing meditation, starting a journal and living in the present.


A To Z 2018 Challenge - Q For Quiet

My Favorite Quotes Of Being Quiet 


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Other words to explore 



Q For quiet

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Mindfulness Challenge For The Day

Go For A Nature Walk

Go for a gentle nature walk and fade into the environment around you, and listen for sounds you’d otherwise have missed. Be sure to stop and smell the flowers.


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Do you hear your monkey mind? What hacks do you really have for quieting your mind? Share your views with us …


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10 thoughts on “Q For Quiet: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN”

  1. Ah! This monkey mind cannot be tamed easily. Yes, meditation helps, but how much it wanders even while meditation. They say that you must come back to meditation as soon as you realize that you have wandered away. And with practice, we may tame it better!

  2. I liked the one that says “The quieter you become the more you hear”. It is so apt and fitting. It is also said that the quietest people have the loudest minds.

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