B For Breathe: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN

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Welcome to A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies

The second letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is B. B is for Breathe.

Breathe is what which makes us alive. We live by breathing. And we breathe for the living. An average human being normally breathes 12 – 18 times/minute. This is called our Breath Rate. However, our modern lifestyle has made a huge impact on our breathing patterns. So are we noticing or aware of our breaths? Are we breathing the right way?

It is proved that higher breath rate will shorten your life. Or otherwise, lower your breath rate, longer your life. Your breath rate reduces when you are stress-free and calm. Living in the present will keep you happier and healthier.


B For Breathe: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies


3 Simple Breathing Exercises To Practice 

Whenever you feel like you need to catch your breath, do this these breathing exercises for instant relaxation.

  • Affectionate Breathing Sit comfortably. Close your eyes gently, partially or fully. Take a few slow, easy breaths, release any unnecessary stress in your body. Now begin to notice your breath in your body, affectionately feel your body breathes in and feel your body breathes out. When your mind starts wandering, gently bring your focus back to your breathing. Just breathe in and breathe out. Slowly and gently open your eyes.
  • Calm Breathing is a technique that helps you to slow down your breathing when feeling stressed or anxious. Sit straight with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths while you wake up, before bed, while waiting for the traffic signal and when you feel stressed. This will calm your anxiety and makes you relax.  Repeat this 5 – 6 times in a day.
  • Breathe Bubble By Calm 
  • Colorful Breath Bubble By Mindful 


A calm mind will calm down your negative emotions too. Deeper the breathing, calmer the mind; calmer the mind, deeper the breathing.


Deeper the breathing, calmer the mind; calmer the mind, deeper the breathing.


B For Breathe On Mindfulness


Other words to explore 

Be Present, Balance, Beginner’s Mind

Mindfulness Challenge For The Day

  1. Set a timer for 1 minute. 
  2. As you exhale. count one mentally. 
  3. As you exhale next time, count two and continue to five.
  4. Then begin a new cycle, counting “one” on the next exhalation. 

Try to do this Breath Counting fives times in a day. 


Breathe In Your Life

Breathe Out Your Worries

And Pain


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Have you noticed your breath anytime? What breathing exercise do you practice in your life?

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47 thoughts on “B For Breathe: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN”

  1. Breathing is a link between our soul and our body. And I learnt how to meditate on breathing during Vipassana … to be aware of each breath as it enters or leaves. I find this very useful and it has a calming and soothing effect on me. Great pointers here, Vasantha!

  2. Though I learnt pranayama in the school, I was too lazy to continue doing it once I passed the school. I have taken it up again, and it makes me so calm, relaxed and happy.

  3. G Angela David

    I practice deep breathing regularly to keep myself calm and I also encourage my students and guide them to breathe properly, thanks for reminding breath is so important and its the reality that helps us live inthe present. beautiful images and useful exercises. thank you for sharing:)

  4. Interestingly, this deep breathing exercise push out all negativity from head too. I try out during stressed out situations and feel really light headed after this.

  5. Even as I was reading your post, I was breathing really consciously! it’s only when we read such posts on breathing do we understand how important it is for us to concentrate on how we breathe.
    Thank you for doing this post, Vasantha! I really like the theme you have chosen. 🙂

  6. Conscious breathing brings in the life energy beyond the oxygen thats keeps us alive. I practice mindful breathing and knows that it is that fuel that keeps me going.

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