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Inspired by the column, “How I Start My Day” of Times Of India, I also wanted to share “How I Start My Day More Positively” with my readers …….


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How I Start My Day More Positively

Morning rituals can help us create a happy and peaceful day. There are few things that could help us start the day right and feel better. My life totally changed after 2008. It was the year when I joined my Yoga practices. From that day onwards, my perspective towards life got a marvelous twist. From my experiences,  I swear by these 5 simple hacks that help me manage my family, friends, and blogging in a smooth way. 

Waking Up Early 

I used to get up at 4.30 am. As soon as getting up, I do five to six counts of deep breaths, smile and thank God for another beautiful day. Then I spread the love-kindness vibration around me, my family and the world by practicing Metta MeditationBless all to be happy on that day.  When you wake up early, you will find more time to be productive throughout the day. 
A beautiful start of a day

Prayer & Meditation 

Always start my day with morning prayer and offering to God by lighting Divas and devoting some time in silence. It will make me strong and compassionate at the same time. Prayers help me to surrender to the almighty with complete consciousness. 
Then I would move for my Yoga. I am very much delighted to practice Shambhavi Mahamudra from ISHA for the past 9 years. Om Chanting and meditation were part of it. Yoga refreshes me and provides the necessary energy for that day. I meditate after my Yoga and do some workouts too.
Lighting up of divas


Healthy Food Is Healthy Mind

I prefer to eat many varieties of healthy food. I never skip my breakfast and always prefer to have light, healthy breakfasts in the morning. We try to avoid junk foods mostly in our family. So I prefer to cook all the meals at home. This makes our food healthy and hygienic.


Moringa Powder Springled In Dosa
Green Dosa

Connecting with Nature

Then I enjoy with the birds and squirrels at my terrace by giving food and water to them. Then I spend some time to connect with the universe by simply watching the sky. Connecting with nature helps in connecting with myself. Now we have our terrace garden also. So I spend some peaceful time at gardening.


Colorful Flowers

Mindful Me Moments

Practicing mindfulness enables me to calm down and soothe myself. In a mindful state, I can thoughtfully reflect and respond, rather than react to any difficult situation. Being mindful is very much essential in this modern tech world. And Mindful Me Moments has a promising way to help me out of the unending maze of this fast-moving life.


All mornings are my favorites because of these little things. How will you start your day? Do you have any morning practices? What will you do to stay positive during the whole day? Please share with me in the comments ……. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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13 thoughts on “How I Start My Day More Positively – #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. Thank you for sharing your tips for a wonderful start of each day Vasantha. Here is a tip from me. I usually listen to the Indian classical music in the morning (instrumentals only). Flute, Sitar, Santoor & Tabla are my personal favourites. It enhances my mood and makes me feel peaceful.

  2. Everything you wrote is so important and easy to do if one makes just a lil effort. Unfortunately, I am super lazy and don’t do many things mentioned here. 🙁 But, now that I’m networking with great ppl, m sure their energy and positive vibes will push to be a better person. 🙂

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