Playful Ways To Introduce Mindfulness To Your Kids

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Have you ever tried to be mindful? Have your children ever found it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand? Have your children suffered from anxiety and fear? Are your kids hyperactive? Do you love to have your children be happy always and enjoy life? Have you ever imagined that your children may also suffer from stress? Then it’s our responsibility to cultivate mindfulness in children.

Mindfulness simply means noticing and giving attention to our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. As a parent, be mindful everyday by giving them your full attention when speaking with them, giving them a mindful hug, by taking them outside, by playing with them, by appreciating them for their good actions, by preparing healthy and homemade food. You can add to this list too.

Effects of Mindfulness on Children

1. Can help them to feel comfortable and relaxed.
2. Better focus and concentration.
3. Raises self-awareness.
4. Can give interconnection by bringing compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude into them.
5. Can help kids thrive at school.
6. Better conflict-resolution skills.
7. Better ways to respond to difficult emotions.
8. Increased empathy and understanding of others.
9. Strengthens attention and concentration.
10. Improves classroom participation.
11. Enhances social and emotional learning.

Mindfulness for Children
Here’s how you can start them into their mindfulness journey, make them feel better, reduce their stress, and help them enjoy their life a little more. Mindfulness should be introduced to them in a fun, joyful and playful way. It should not be forced at any time. Try to use games and activities.

Here are 5 playful ways to cultivate Mindfulness in your children:

Mindful Listening
This practice is to open their ears to sound. Select a piece of music you have never heard before. Ask them to close their eyes and just listen to the music. Allow them to get lost in the journey of sound for the duration of the song. A bell can also be rung at regular intervals. Tell your child that you are going to ring a bell or a tone bar, and that they have to listen and raise their hands once the bell stops. They can be asked to listen to other sounds too before opening their eyes. It can be done in just one or two minutes. You can do the same thing every day. It can also be repeated daily at the same time.

Mindful Breathing
This practice can be done standing up or sitting down anywhere at any time. All you have to do is make sure your kids are still and focusing on their breathing for just one minute. Ask them to breathe in and out slowly. This can also be done in a more playful way by using Breathing Buddy Soft Toys.


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