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Every one of us wants our kids to be active, healthy and do physical exercise. And the task of how to get our kids away from all sorts of gadgets and how to make them love sports and other physical activities is the biggest worry of all parents today. We know the importance of eating nutritious foods and exercising. Yet we the parents often struggle to help their kids develop healthy habits. Here are the simple ways to keep your family healthy:

Be aware of your family’s health patterns

Keep your mind relaxed and help your family stay calm and cool. Many health issues arise due to stress, unhealthy food, breathing issues and posture. If your posture is good then your body will get fueled. Make sure that your kids have peaceful sleep for the duration recommended for their age. Be ready for the various climate and season changes. Keep the medical records of your family updated.

Do self-analysis

Self analysis of your family’s health pattern may help you to avoid many problems at an earlier stage. When you wake up in the morning, you should feel brisk. You should be able to complete your morning chores without any difficulties. If you press your nails, they should turn red. The color of healthy eyes should be white. These are the signs of a healthy body. Talk to your family members about their health often and be a role model.

Follow healthy habits

Incorporate some healthy habits into your family such as:
1. Drink a glass of water to refresh your body in the morning.
2. Have curry leaf juice, methi water and fresh juices which helps to improve your liver function.
3. Enjoy protein rich breakfast to gain the energy for the entire day.
4. Have nuts, dry fruits, soups, fruits and juices as your snacks.

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8 thoughts on “How To Have A Healthy Life – Simple Tips For Healthy Family”

  1. If I become a grandmother (my son is grown) I will take a vow to use electronic devices around my grandchild as little as possible. Instead, I will expose him/her to nature. I will walk, take trips to the playground, just as I did with my son. That is the path to help, I believe.

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