Weekly Discussion : What Does Freedom Mean To You?

I would like to post some topics on the title “Weekly Discussion” on every Sunday. You can discuss these topics with your family members, kids during food time, sleep time, leisure time. And don’t forget to post your experiences  in the comment box …

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August 14, 2016 

Wishing all Indians  A Happy 70th Independence Day !!!

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion : What Does Freedom Mean To You?”

  1. will ask my son this question today , for me freedom is to be not just free physically but also liberation from all kinds of prejudices. We might be free as a country but we are still slaves to many biases and superstitions.

  2. They: 4 yrs in2 ur marriage n still no kids?
    They: U’re 28! Still no kids?
    They: Woh toh Fauji Hein.Chodke Kashmir jayega. Have a kid!

    That. That is what I want to be free from.
    Freedom is to be able to choose what I want!

  3. Freedom of the mind, ego and pride of belonging to the nation…being the change. I guess it’s endless and relative for country’s freedom and personal can quite differ but converge at the same time.

    Happy Independence Day.

  4. Arpitaz Thoughts

    When my child is free from all societal and financial pressures to follow his dream – sports, cookery, painting, dramatics, social service – when all of these become career options. When the only caste, creed, color existing in my country will be “humanity”, that will freedom to me.

  5. Freedom is to choose and to be able to do the right thing… Although the definition of right differs from one person to another, what I mean is freedom from social pressure… From corruption… From violence.

  6. Freedom is an inner state of being. To be able to freely distinguish between right and wrong, between dharma and adharma. Freedom in mind and heart. Freedom of spirit. Not license to do whatever comes to mind, but to be free to apply clear sense of discernment and discrimination, without any fear or sense of oppression from anyone/anything outside of me.

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