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Mindful Parenting To Raise My Words And Not My Voice – #MyParentingMantra

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Some awesome bloggers are driving it for over a month. And we have promised to bring you some enriching contents that will add to your own parenting experience. Hope we have done it more successful. If you are curious to know about our blogger moms driving this blog train, you can read hereBig thanks to an amazing blogger mom Preetjyot Mehra from My Little Muffin for introducing me.

Parenting Is the most toughest yet most enjoyable journey. You should not worry about the destination but you should enjoy the journey as you travel through. Do you know your kids? There were times, when I cared not to know about my son but went on yelling that he should understand me. How poor was my parenting attitude???

When I was a working mom, I used to hear from many, that my son seemed to be hyper active child.  Also I have never gone to any place without getting a complaint about him for his naughtiness and over talkative behavior. So I hesitated even for going out with him. Then slowly, I researched and learnt from net about Mindful Parenting.

Many methods, I tried with him and got a mix of hit and fail results. But all are learning only. In the whole period, I never ever compared my son with anybody. Now he’s such a good lovable teen . Very proud momma moment. All these happened because I made a big decision to be a Mindful Stay At Home Mom (MSAHM), some 5 years back. 

My Parenting Mantra – Mindful Parenting To Raise My Words And Not My Voice

Rumi Quotes On Parenting
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“Mindful Parenting is being present for your kids at the moment without judgement and distractions. “

Appreciate More, Appreciate Often

Mithu's drawing On OHP Sheet
Mithu’s drawing On OHP Sheet

Tell Bedtime Stories

Children love to dream. The world of fancy and fantasy is the privilege of their childhood. And stories justify these attempts to nurture their imagination and foster moral values. We had our bedtime story sessions till my son was 12 years. And we used bedtime stories as our bonding time which really helped in improving our mother-son relationship.

Listen Mindfully

I used to spend nearly 10 minutes of distraction free talk with my son when he returns from his school. This makes our understanding much better. Also I could know about his day and emotions clearly through this. It makes easy for me to help him in any of his problems during the day.

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Stop Praising Your Children

Are you shocked??? You are reading it rightly…… Stop Praising Your ChildrenPraise is a reward for an accomplishment that meets or exceeds the parent’s expectations. Encouragement, however, is a gift for being oneself and trying hard.  Encouragement is empowering. While praise is building the image of ego. be mindful in your selection of words while you appreciate your kids.

Our strategy of replacing praise with encouragement

Praise:I’m so proud of you, Mithu.”

Encouragement: “You deserve this for your hard work.”


Mithu’s Drawing that won Goodie Bags in “Draw a Dragon Contest” organised by Indian Moms Connect Website

Teach By Example

Be the role model. Kids learn from their parents more than they learn from books and school. So be aware of your words and actions. Make happiness as a part of your daily life. Showcase your talents and inner joy in front of them to inspire themselves. 

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Maintain A Family Happy Journal

Keeping a Family Happy Journal has many benefits. You can maintain a Family Happy Journal which can include happy moments, comments from your spouse or children, photos, poems, art works and all that adds to your family happiness. It will be of much help when you are not in mood. Turning the pages of your Family Happy Journal may refresh your heart and mind.


Our Family Happy Journal
Our Family Happy Journal

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude make our life a celebration. Stop whatever you are doing now. Spend few minutes with your kids before moving onto the next thing. Visualize about one thing, just one thing you’re grateful for today. Ask your curious kid to do it and ask him / her to write what he / she noticed. Kids will begin to uncover more happiness from now for sure.

Enjoy Parenting Happily

Life is not a video game, and you don’t have any choice to restart it, pause it or delete it !!! So you have to accept and live your life as a parent. Then why can’t you live as a happy parent? The key to Parental Happiness lies in keeping yourself happy and powerful always. This will in turn keep your family happy and powerful too.

Mindful Looking With Hope
Mindful Looking With Hope

To explore more on mindfulness, you can enjoy reading my latest series on  “7 Everyday Practices For Mindful Moms. I truly wish you to find some Mindful Me Moments to breathe, to practice gratitude, and to nurture yourself in your busy mommy days.



Hope you enjoyed reading about My Parenting Mantra. I have been truly honored to be a part of this blog train. Don’t forget to read our next Parenting Mantra from our fabulous blogger mom Prisha of Mummasaurus. Also, do comment and let us know your opinions. We are all ears……

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30 thoughts on “Mindful Parenting To Raise My Words And Not My Voice – #MyParentingMantra”

  1. Vasantha thanks for this article. I always get a complaint from school regarding my daughter too that she is very talkative. After reading your article I know what I have to do. I am reading all your articles on mindfulness, it is helping me a lot. Thanks again.

  2. So well said… Raise your words not your voice.. Often we get frustrated when the kiddos don’t listen and tend to raise our decibels… This is a good reminder… Loved your post

  3. I loved how well you have described your mindful parenting. It’s ok if a kid is talkative… I mean why should anyone be bothered by it… loved your thought on raising words and not voice.

  4. What a happy and wonderful post Vasantha, I loved each and every point mentioned here. Stop praising – I so much agree with you, that’s my mantra too.
    Loved the way he put’s his evergy in beautiful drawings – he’s a champ.

  5. That quote is so meaningful and true! And I loved the idea of a family journal. Interesting indeed!

  6. Lovely drawings by Mithu. You are right, Vasantha, praising too much isn’t the right thing to do. Mindful parenting will help in raising a wonderful kid and a peaceful parent.

  7. OMG Vasantha, its such a healer reading this post. My Toddler has developed hitting habit recently and this is gaining lot of complaints from school and day Care. I was so worried one day that I applied for few days leave to spend time with him and to observe what is causing the issue. Later, I realized that it will not be a better solution. Rather, I should not let anxiety get over myself and patiently make him understand through observation. I am working on it and waiting for the day when I make him understand its not good to hit. Pray for me.

  8. I think those are some very valid points. Though in my case, the storytelling sessions were with grandma. And to be honest, the childhood seems to be a lot of rush and a lot of studies, mingled with a few trips. I don’t remember much else.

    Praise is not required beyond a limit, but I feel, looking from the child’s perspective, that it might be good if there’s a balance of praise and encouragement, and very little (if any) of comparison. 🙂 It’s nice to hear that the parents are proud of us, once in a while at least. It kind of feels like encouragement too, then.

  9. Very well said vasantha, being there without judgement. I appreciate your decision for the better upbringing of your child and also your own peace. I did the same when I knew to choose a career meant that I would have to choose at a different place away from my husband – which was not right for my children or the happiness quotient for the family as a whole. i chose to work from home and have fared really well so far. I feel when you know what you are doing and if you do it mindfully you would surely succeed.

    1. Such a nice article vasantha mam.. After reading this in which part of parenting I was going wrong.. And where and all I need correct myself and also the kids.. Tnq

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