This Is Me ….. #FridayReflections

I was really excited on seeing an interesting prompt – 21 random facts about me from Friday Reflections hosted by Corinne and Sanch Vee. Always I interrogate myself often to know Who Am I? The journey from Vasantha to REAL ME is always fascinating. Today I made another happy journey into the deepest ME …. This Is Me …….

  1. I’m a morning bird. I love to get up early in the morning – 4.30 am.
  2. All my days except weekends start with pooja, prayer, yoga and meditation.
  3. Though I don’t have a sweet tooth, I prefer Milk Sweets, Halwa and Pal Kova.
  4. Sares always fascinates me. I’m a big fan of sarees.
  5. I did my PG in Engineering as Part Time right after the birth of my son.
  6. There are some dark pages in my life book that I never revealed to anyone.
  7. I’m a proud survivor of suicide and depression.
  8. I’m a high myopia patient. I had undergone Retina Detachment Surgery during 2008. Still I have only 15% vision in my left eye.
  9. I left my job as a professor in an engineering college for the sake of family. And I never felt regretted for my decision.
  10. We are celebrating my son’s birthday at a orphnage right from his first birthday.
  11. Teaching is my passion. I was a teacher even for my hubby to complete his MBA course. 😛
  12. Still I miss my dad after he left us some 19 years back at the age of 48. 🙁
  13. I can not stand on seeing blood. I will faint. So many faint stories exist.
  14. My son was born by normal delivery though I had Pregnancy Sugar.
  15. After so many pains and hurts, I learnt to LOVE MYSELF. Thanks to my Guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and ISHA.
  16. Two countries I have visited were South Africa and Dubai. Still so many to visit …. 🙂
  17. I started blogging from September 2014.
  18. We are a lovely family of three – Myself, Hubby and my son Mithu.
  19. I have fought with my hubby for uncountable, unimaginable number of times. In spite of all fights, our bond is getting stronger. 😛
  20. I love to dance, travel the world and engage in social services.
  21. I never watch TV except for some spiritual programmes.

I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me 21 random facts about yourself … <3 <3 <3

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42 thoughts on “This Is Me ….. #FridayReflections”

  1. Sounds like you have survived through many heartaches and emerged a stronger person with so much compassion and self-knowledge. Thank you for sharing your list. I really relate to number 19!

  2. My, my, you should be proud of so many things, Vasantha. Studying after your son was born, fighting suicide/depression, coaching your hubby for his studies, that’s quite a full kitty of achievements you’ve got! Great going. 🙂

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  4. You wake up at 4:30? Wow! We have somethings in common, love for Milk Sweets, Halwa and Pal Kova and I love Jaggi Vasudev too!:))
    I love that you celebrate your Son’s birthday in an Orphanage, God Bless you’ll for that.
    I loved reading about you, Vasantha. And i liked this topic so much, I blogged on the same as well :))

  5. Enjoyed reading your list. Wow! You’ve a masters in Engineering. I’m drained just after 4 years 😛 Loved knowing more about you 🙂

  6. I love #10. You have been through a lot in your life. My dad used to say to me – our true strength of character is shown during our hard times. Well done you!

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