3 Top Reasons To Be Proud To Be A Teacher #MyFriendAlexa #MondayMusings

3 Top Reasons To Be Proud To Be A Teacher #MyFriendAlexa #MondayMusings

Being a teacher for past 16 years and in celebration of Teacher’s Day, I would love to share 3 Top Reasons To Be Proud To Be A Teacher …..


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A Sense Of Satisfaction

Among many noblest profession in the world, I feel proud to be a teacher because it gives me a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. It means  that I’m doing the valuable task of shaping the future and changing the lives of youth.


I am content that I make a difference in their lives. I’m the role model for my students. I can feel happy when people seek advice and help from me. I’m  creating many scientists and research fellows. 



A Gift of Lifetime Relationship

The relationship between a teacher and a student is not a time bound. I am finding boundless happiness when my students connect with me after years. I strongly believe it’s the only profession which is not yet constrained by jealous and envy feeling.


I really feel proud to see my students at higher positions earning high packages at world-renowned companies.  Still today many of my students connect with me through phone calls, personal visits, mails, chats, social media connects and video chats. I’m building positive relationship with my wards, their parents and the society.


A Feeling Of Young Ever

I feel young at heart always by being with young students always. I enjoy learning new skills, fashion,  and technology updates which keeps me smarter and wiser.


I inspire my wards and get inspired by them too. Doing the job which I’m more passionate about will make me healthier in body and mind. I’m happy that I have become a life long learner. I love the quote – “To Teach Is To Learn Twice”.


Share your sweetest memories as a teacher or as a student about your teacher. I would love to hear your wonderful stories …….



” Happy Teachers Day Wishes


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46 thoughts on “3 Top Reasons To Be Proud To Be A Teacher #MyFriendAlexa #MondayMusings

  1. I can surely understand you feel. For many years, just in the garb of being called a ‘noble profession’, teachers in India weren’t getting their due but finally with the 6th pay commission and the likes, things seem to have changed for the better. Additionally, I am sure the feeling of seeing ones own students grow and rise higher and higher in their respective careers cannot be matched by anything else.

  2. Happy Teacher’s Day. I have immense respect for all my teachers who made such a huge difference to my life and shaped my outlook plus beliefs. You are doing such an amazing work and learned so much through your lofty thoughts.

  3. My Dad’s a professor and scientist so I totally hear what you have written Vasantha. Kudos to you for juggling so much together. You super woman!

  4. Happy teachers fast Vasantha. I love teaching and have immense respect to those who taught me well, so I echo your thoughts. 🙂

  5. A lovely post! It is so wonderful to read the teacher’s perspective 🙂 I too am still in touch with my teachers from School, and indeed social media has been a blessing as it has helped us stay a part of our teacher’s lives.

  6. My parents are teachers so I can totally understand what you shared. I hear my Mum tell me the same things and I am glad you are shaping up the future and career of so many students. You words on this blog tell me you are doing a great job. Happy Teachers’ Day in advance 🙂

  7. First of all congratulations you are a teacher
    It takes a lot to be one and then the smile and chatter of students, when they are happy in life because of us makes us happy too.

    Teacher amd students are indeed in a lifelong relationship
    One shape others life and feel young forever
    I am glad I have wonderful teacher for lifelong

  8. 🙂 Happy teachers’ day in advance, Vasantha! I’ve taught twice, once to neighbors, and once to my classmates in college when my teacher was unwell with laryngitis. It was a very nice experience!

    PS: I think your global ranks in this post has one digit extra. 🙂

  9. Vasantha, to teach is to learn twice, I love this quote. Teachers are the role models for kids and help shape their futures. I remember my teachers and am grateful to them for making me what I am today. Good to know your students keep in touch with you even after passing out of college, we never forget our favorite teachers. happy teacher’s day to you.

  10. Congratulations, Vasantha! Happy Teachers Day to you as you celebrate yet another misletone! I come from a family of academicians and teachers with both my parents being teachers, and I know how much of hard work, dedication, patience and grit is needed to do justice to this profession! So glad that you enjoy teaching! My first job was also that of a teacher and I have enjoyed every minute of being one!

  11. Hi Vasanatha! What a wonderful post! I agree with all the reasons that you listed. After parenthood, I think only teaching can give that kind of long-lasting job satisfaction. Even the forever young feeling is so apt…and long term relationships. Keep teaching, writing and inspiring all of us with your wonderful ways and stories. A very Happy Teacher´s Day to you. I warmly invite you to take a look at my blog at https://thetinaedit.com/. Love and God Bless always.

  12. While I have read posts from bloggers dedicated to their teachers, yours is the one from the perspective of a teacher. To teach is to learn twice is invaluable for a quote. Happy Teacher’s day to you Vasantha.
    Is that really 1718 visits today? Awesome!

  13. Congrats on completing so many successful years in teaching Happy teachers day
    Teacher lays strong foundation for our future

  14. Happy Teachers Day wishes Vasantha. I love the dedication and have become a better person due to some teachers in my life. The first one being my aunt. Always thankful for amazing teachers who pave way for students growth.

  15. It’s great to see that you have so much passion for what you do. Teaching is indeed a very noble profession.
    Wishing you a long and fulfilling career ahead.

  16. Happy teachers Day Vasantha. i am also a teacher and so miss classroom teaching since I am a stay at home mom now. I so agree with you when you say we learn twice once we bocome teachers. Also we get to re live all those years again as a teacher. Its like revsiting childhood and teenage life. Oh I so miss it while writing this. Thanks for this post.

  17. I heartily respect the teachers of any nation. It’s the best profession specially for women. I was very close to my science teacher of 10th class. I really love to taught by her. She was not only a great and passionate teacher but a pure soul too. She helped her students in every problem. Happy Teacher’s Day to all lovely teachers.

  18. First of all Belated Happy teachers Day! Being a teacher is the most honorable thing in life…Its a service according to me. And my immense respect to you on that part! My Grandpa is a retired Head Master and he always has inspiring stories to tell.. 🙂

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