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How To Invite Positive Vibes Into Your Home? I use these 7 simple hacks to invite positive vibes into our home and I posted this for #instastorychallenge by @heleneinbetween. And not to mention, my #instastory went viral.


How To Invite Positive Vibes Into Your Home?


7 Simple Hacks To Invite Positive Vibes Into Your Home

Use Fresh And Bright Flowers

Fresh and bright flowers are not only treats for our eyes, but also a good attractor of positivity. In the drawing hall, you can arrange fresh and bright flowers from your garden in a bowl or clay pot. This is really going to be a hit among all your decorations.


Flower Arrangemnet


For your organization, you can arrange a florist to decorate your reception. This is a beautiful flower arrangement that I clicked in a restaurant decorated by a well-known florist in Chennai. 


Light Oil Dhiyas

Light is always considered a sign of positive vibes. Either being a natural sunlight or lighted dhiyas. The light will remove darkness and negativity from your home. Decorate your corners with beautiful dhiyas. Use scented oils like lavender oil to enhance your mood.


Oil Dhiyas

Display Family Photos Around

Hanging family photos around the walls of each room gives you happiness and mood boost. Also, it’s a good way to showcase your memorable moments to friends and relatives visiting your home. We love different kinds of photo hangers and stands for this. You can also rotate the photos on monthly basis to give a new and fresh feel.


Vertical Photo Hanger
Vertical Photo Hanger

Decorate Creatively

Your home is the best place to show your creativity. Decorate your drawing hall, pooja room and corners of the rooms more differently. Little things, minor additions, and modifications will add more beauty and aesthetic feel. Also rearranging the things and adding new things will break the negative energy already created. They also ensure more positive energy.


Creative Decor

Do Prayers

If you want God to listen to you, do prayers. If you want to listen to God, do meditation. Prayers are the excellent way to give thanks for all our blessings. Do regular prayers at a fixed time. Utilize the prayer time to connect with the almighty and to yourself. More prayers, more positive energy into your home.


“If you want GOD to listen to you, do prayers. If YOU want to listen to God, do meditation.”


Lord Vinayaga

Go Green With Plants

Green always represents flourishing and growing. It makes you calm and cool. Plants give you more oxygen and improve your health. Create a home or terrace garden and start to grow plants by yourself. The fresh, colorful, pleasant flowers will naturally boost your mood. Its fragrance adds flavors to your mood.


Hibiscus Flower

Play Mantras

Mantras have much power. Repeated chanting of mantras spread positive vibration around your home. It cleanses the environment. You can also play mantras in the morning and evening during your regular pooja. Teach your kids with 3 to 4 mantras and make them recite every day. It improves their concentration, decision-making skills, and productivity. 



Do you love to invite positive vibes into your house? What tips do you use for this? Please share with us ….. We are very eager to hear you ……


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27 thoughts on “7 Simple Hacks To Invite Positive Vibes Into Your Home – #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs”

  1. I play a lot of chants in my living space for clearing the energy. Using essential oils such as lavender, or something as simple as camphor in a diffuser also helps clean the negative energy.
    Thanks for this very useful post.

  2. Staying positive is the key to happiness. Small things can bring positivity into our lives. I light out oil diva every evening and just by putting essence stick the whole environment feels so fresh and serene.

  3. I follow all these tips except playing the mantras. I used to play a few of them when we used Cassette and CD Player. Since these are not used anymore, the playing of mantras in the home have taken aback seat. Thanks for the nudge, will download a few on phone right away!

  4. I am not a puja, diya or mantra person. I have either lived in my in-laws’ house or in rented flats, hence I have made peace with bare walls, walls devoid of any kind of accessories. For me, the only soothing factor will be greens, green plants and I cannot have them. I don’t think it makes me any less content in the macro sense.
    I could have agreed with the points and moved ahead but I have many contrasting ideas which I feel very strongly about and I believe I can speak out here. These are all extrinsic factors which will not work unless there is peace in mind and respect for the family members. Only when people in a house are intrinsically content, only then a home will attract positive vibes. I am sure your home attracts positive vibes because of the kind of person you are Vasantha. Rest everything else is mere decoration.

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