Moringa Powder

Product Review : Happiness Is Good Health – SIM Organics Moringa Powder

Sim Organics Moringa Powder
Sim Organics Moringa Powder


Congrats Menaka Bharathi for your new venture – Sim Organics, Moving towards Organic Life. You really inspire me in everything you do, either it is blogging, being mindful or doing any business. And big thanks for sending me this great product Moringa Powder for review.


About SIM Organics

Menaka Bharathi is a blogger at Simple Indian Mom.She’s presently pursuing PhD in Agricultural Microbiology. Her interests are Organic Agricultural Products and Parenting. She has recently launched her own brand of organic products – SIM Organics which was one of her life goals. My hearty best wishes to you, Menaka !!!

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Why SIM Organics Moringa Powder is a healthiest choice?

In recent times, we have made many changes in our food and lifestyle. And we have resolved to be a healthy and happy family this 2017. So I felt really excited to review this product personally.

Moringa Powder is becoming more popular due to its many beneficiary health effects. It had been traditionally used by our ancestors as beauty and health item.


Moringa Powder
SIM Organics Moringa Powder

Nutrients of Moringa Powder

Nutrients Of Moringa Powder
Nutrients Of Moringa Powder

Nature of SIM Organics Moringa Powder

SIM Organics Moringa Powder is available in dehydrated and powdered form of naturally dried leaves. It has been finely powdered so that it gets dissolved easily. It has natural green color and odorless as its leaves.  


Nature Of Morings Powder
Nature Of Morings Powder


Using Moringa Powder

It tastes as normal spinach. It should be used as raw for its higher benefits. Moringa Powder can be used in variety of ways in tea, shakes, added to beverages like juices and smoothies, sprinkled in salads or soups, dosas.

My hubby loves to take more liquid content in a day. So I added little of this powder to floured butter milk and lemon ginger smoothie. And it tasted heavenly. It’s helpful to fight dehydration during this hot season. It can also be added with green tea and soups.

My son is very choosy on food items. So I always do experiments in adding more nutrients to his food indirectly. He loves to have different colors and variety of shapes. So I sprinkled sparingly this powder over dosas and veggies. He really enjoyed the Green Dosa with Coconut Chutney and Gun Powder with Gingley Oil.

I used this as hair and face pack for me. After using for three to four days in a week, my skin looks bright and glowing. And yet to notice the result of my hair pack.


Moringa Powder Added To Butter Milk
Moringa Powder Added To Flavored Butter Milk

Moringa Powder In Smoothie
Moringa Powder In Lemon Ginger Smoothie

Moringa Powder Springled In Dosa
Moringa Powder sprinkled In Dosa

Storing Moringa Powder

Can be stored in the pack itself for minimum number of days. Or it could be transferred to an air tight container and  should be kept out of sunlight. Should be used before one year from manufacturing date, if kept unopened. Ans should be consumed within a month after opening.

Highlighting Features of SIM Organic Moringa Powder

  • Nutritious and 100% organic.
  • Can easily incorporated into the diet.
  • Used as a supplement of many essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Raw and gluten-free
  • Used it for more than a month and found it to provides maximum result of even  using minimum quantity.
  • Best Anti Oxidant
  • Rich source of minerals and vitamins like fibre, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, K, E and Zinc.
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol by improving metabolic actions.
  • Best suitable for breast-feeding mothers.
  • Can be used as beauty product like hair and face pack.
  • Improves our immunity system.
  • Highly anti stress product that reduces the rate of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Good for eye sight, skin nourishment and digestion.
  • Controls blood pressure and diabetes.
  • heals cuts and wounds faster.
  • Acts as anti aging agent and provides a glowing skin.
  • Useful for the whole family right from the kids to older people.
  • Packed hygienically, in resealable packet. Easy to store.

What Rating can be given for SIM Organics Moringa Powder?

Great choice of organic and healthy product with rating 4 / 5.

Where to buy? 

Online purchase from SIM Organics.

How much it costs?

100 gms pack costs around Rs. 170 /-


Have you ever used Moringa Powder? What was your experience? Do you have any healthy recipes to share? What’s your opinion about this review???? Please feel free to comment and share with us !!!


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Disclaimer : This post is not a sponsored / paid post. It’s an honest review in exchange of a complimentary copy from the brand. This review is purely my personal opinion.


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32 thoughts on “Product Review : Happiness Is Good Health – SIM Organics Moringa Powder”

  1. Anamika Agnihotri

    Menaka is an inspiration for sure in how she manages so many aspects of her life. This was an educative post for me and thank you Vasantha for writing this one. I recently came to know Moringa powder on SIM’s blog when she was about to launch her product line. Till then I only knew drumsticks are added to sambhar and had cooked drumstick leaves at home but drumstick leaves are not readily available near my place with vegetable vendors. If SIM’s moringa powder is available on Amazon, I will surely buy it and try it out.

  2. Great product from SIM Organics. We have always used Moringa leaves, the drumstick for food, medicine and packs. It would be great if available so handily.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know Morning had so much beneficial qualities. I had recently got the fresh leaves and wasn’t able to do much with them – looks like I shall have to go and get them again and maybe just try on my hair and skin atleast.

    Congrats Maneka in his new venture of yours.. I am sure you will achieve wonders in this field. All the very best to you!

  4. Have heard a lot about the health benefits of Moringa powder. Thanks for sharing the details, Vasantha. And congratulations to Menaka for this new venture!

  5. Menaka Bharathi

    Thanks You very much vasantha for this lovely review. I have been running around with the product and reaching out to market it. Your review has been a great support in that direction. Thanks to all friends for your wishes. I was waiting for the GST confusion to be cleared, its all done now and the product will be available in shop section of and in amazon soon. Thanks once again dear.

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