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Sorry is a beautiful word when uttered with real intention. Saying sorry or apologizing is an art. If you do it right, then you see wonders in all your relationships. I too strongly agree that we have to practice and master the art of saying sorry. But this post is not meant for that. It is to list out the situations in which you Never Say Sorry For ……


Never Say Sorry For ……


I used to say sorry for anything I regret – actions, words, gestures that hurt others. But I prefer to Never Say Sorry  For ……

Being Ambitious

Having an ambition in life is more important than having a talent. Being ambitious means you are working towards your success and accomplishment.  I never say sorry for being ambitious to be a successful freelance blogger though I made a bold decision of quitting my sixteen years job as a professor. I never regretted for being a Work At Home Mom ( WAHM ).

Being ambitious will broaden your domain of knowledge and pursuit. You will develop self-confidence. It will help you to achieve your greater goals. Being ambitious will encourage you to live a happy fulfilling life.

Never Say Sorry For Being Ambitious


Your Past

Past is past. Past can not define you. Only present – this moment will define who you are. So it’s a waste of time to indulge in your past and regretting about it. Never say sorry for your past. Accept your past and just move on. 


My Past Quote
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Make the lessons learnt from your past as stepping-stones for your success in future. Stop Falling Start Raising. Try to live in the present mindfully.


Never Say Sorry For Your Past


Being Honest

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. I always wanted to be honest and can never accept cheating and lies. This attitude made me to suffer a lot during my early marriage years, But I never said sorry for being honest.  And this is ME. Being honest shows my courage and wins the trust of others. Honesty is my source of freedom and trust. 


Never Say Sorry For Being Honest


Being Emotional

I am an emotional goose earlier. Though I’m strong, I am too sensitive too. Being emotional is not always weak but it also shows your strength. Emotions are great way of expressing your heart and feelings. It gets you connected with your loved ones. Shedding tears out of love is more good than shedding tears out of self-pity and sadness. I enjoy all the navarasas in my life.


Never Say Sorry For Being Emotional


Wanting ME Time


Mindful Me Moments has a promising way to help me out of the unending maze of this fast-moving life. I start everyday with more happiness and more positively.



Never Say Sorry For


Through my meditation and mindfulness practices, I learnt the art of letting go, paused once in a while and started noticing the pleasant moments of my life. So never say sorry for wanting ME time.


Never Say Sorry For Wanting ME Time

Being YOU

Lastly most important one Be YOU Always, no matter what. I chose to be Mindful Me in all my struggles and pains. That has helped me to celebrate my life with its odds. So never say sorry for being YOU. So never say sorry for being YOU.


Never Say Sorry For Being YOU


What do you never say sorry for? Do you feel proud for being YOU? Feel free to share your feelings about this  …..


This post is written as a part of the #AlexaTheIncredible campaign hosted by #womenbloggerwb, and #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne. 





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22 thoughts on “Never Say Sorry For …. #MondayMusings #AlexaTheIncredible”

  1. I can connect with you here…I have ambitions in life so iam playing tug of war between my job and my blog. Like others, I have a past too and I dont regret for that, My honesty sometimes make things bitter still I always try to be honest to myself. I know I’m strong, I cant even cry in-front of people but yes I am an emotional person too.
    I am fighting with the clock daily to get some Me-time …:) But its hard to manage time. my job,my 3yrs old kid, blogging, my parents, household work! exhausted I am.
    And yes, most importantly I love myself and I believe hard work, honesty and self-believe are the keys to live a happy life.

    I am really sorry for such long comment 😉

  2. Amazing and Inspiring post. Saying “I’m sorry” can help. Saying you’re sorry is called apologizing. When you apologize, you’re telling someone that you’re sorry for the hurt you caused, even if you didn’t do it on purpose. People who are apologizing might also say that they will try to do better. Great thought.

  3. Nice post Vasantha..Sometimes I say I feel guilty of leaving my child at Day care because of my job but I am not really sorry because I am not doing anything wrong but yes, i do feel sad sometimes..ME time is something I always manage to find…be it a park outing or scrubbing my face.

  4. Never Say Sorry For Wanting ME Time – such a brilliant insight – I wish every person would understand this well. I always say “Sab ko milne ka waqt hai, bus apne aap sey milne ka waqt nahi milta”. I am a crusador for “Me time” and your post has made me feel so happy that there are more people who think like this. Keep writing 🙂

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