How Motherhood Made Me Feel The Navarasas Of Life?


Motherhood is the hardest yet greatest thing. No wonder why all mothers in this world are eager to share their motherhood stories in one way or other. And myself is not an exception in this case.


When Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies approached me to board with her on the Blog Train of Motherhood, I felt very much excited. She has networked with 41 Mommy Bloggers around the world to bring many heartwarming stories of motherhood. 


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Feeling glad to meet all the moms in this blog train and special thanks go to my adorable friend Smita of The Average Mom who boarded the train just before me and introduced me to all other fellow moms. Read Smita’s story here.


Thanks for boarding into this fabulous blog train – “How Motherhood Has Changed Me?”




Pooja made a call for this blog train on motherhood during Navarathri Pooja Celebrations last month. It’s the nine days celebration of Devi – The Power Of Womanhood. So I was deeply attached to the number nine. Nine has a huge significance in my life too. My hubby’s birth number is 4 and mine is 5. So summed to a total of 9. And to the surprise, the birth number of my son is 4. So 4, 5 and 9 has some powerful impacts in my life.


I was immersed into the mixed emotions of my motherhood journey and the significance of nine in my life. Once I read and was inspired by the post NAVRASAS OF MOTHERHOOD” by my dear friend Alpana. So decided to share about “How Motherhood Made Me Feel The Navarasas Of My Life?” in this blog train.


How Motherhood Made Me Feel The Navarasas Of My Life?


The Nine Emotions or Navarasas of human life are Shringara (love), Hasya(joy), Karuna (compassion), Raudra (anger), Veera (courage), Bhayanaka (fear), Bheebhatsya (disgust), Adbutha (surprise), and Shantha (peace). Here it goes …..



Never imagined that I would become a mother and shoulder the responsibility of bringing up a child. And that was the mentality of a freaky me before marriage. Also, I was not at all comfortable in handling newborn babies. Moreover, I was scared to see blood and also about the medical process during pregnancy. I was not confident in giving birth to another bundle of joy. This emotion of fear pushed me into Prepartum or Prenatal Depression.



Added to this, I was diagnosed with Pregnancy Diabetes. Really I could not explain the pains and gains during those ten months. It was a hard and rough journey. I suffered frequent mood swings that affected my hubby and family much. Handling alone the pressure of work, the uneasiness of pregnancy and the burden of household chores left me with the feeling of disgust.



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But the unconditional support and love of my hubby gave me the courage to face all this. And all my pains turned into abundant happiness when I looked into the eyes of my newborn baby. That’s the power of motherhood.



My Gynaecologist warned me that the delivery could be a C Section delivery since I had pregnancy diabetes. So I was very cautious in taking her advice and wanted to have only a normal delivery. And as a surprise, I gave birth to my son ( Which I wished secretly ) in normal delivery. Zapped by the emotion of surprise that God had fulfilled my wishes.


Gift Of Motherhood



I was a working mom when he was a toddler, and I suffered Postpartum or Postnatal Depression too. I used to hear from many, that my son seemed to be a hyperactive child.  Also, I have never gone to any place without getting a complaint about him for his naughtiness and over-talkative behavior. So I hesitated even for going out with him. Then slowly, I researched and learned from the net about Mindful Parenting to handle my anger against him.


How Motherhood Made Me Feel The Navarasas Of Life?


Slowly I managed to create more compassion and love towards my son by being mindful of him.He became more cooperative as he’s being taught in the right way. I always wish that my son be closer to me. But it’s not in reality. Then I followed this simple trick. Designated 7 – 9 pm on one day of the week as Happy Hours – no fights, no complaints, no negatives, no homework. This happy hour brought us much closer than I expected.



I am gifted with my son’s unconditional love for me. He only took me on the journey of motherhood. He’s the one who loves me right from his birth without any reasons. My world revolves around him. And the best I ever did in my life was my decision to be a SAHM. This brought our mom-son relationship much closer.



The world of joy and laughter opened before us when he started his life journey. Every milestone in his growing brought so many magic in our life. And we are indebted for a lifetime to our son for all the joy being showered on us.


Our Happy family



My son has just entered into his teens this 2017. And always we find it interesting to discuss and chat about the stories we read, movies we saw and things we heard. As a mom, I feel really happy about his attitude, behavior, and respect to all. A great transformation from a naughty hyperactive kid to a witty loving teen who makes peace between us.


My Teen Boy


Hope almost every mom would feel these nine emotions in their journey of motherhood. If not, what emotions do you feel as a mom? Do share with us …… 🙂 🙂 🙂




Next, I welcome the fabulous mom Lata Tokhi of “Fabulous Mom Life” to board this blog train. “Toddler to Teen and everything in between” is how Lata describes her current #momlife. A tech-savvy, modern mama whose life revolves around her 3 kids, she is probably one of the earliest woman bloggers in India. Lata has been blogging internationally full-time for 14 years and the global outlook reflects on her parenting style and her blog. Do join with me in welcoming her.



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57 thoughts on “How Motherhood Made Me Feel The Navarasas Of Life?”

  1. Vasantha, you have beautifully captured all the navrasas:-). It’s good to see how you handled all the situations with positivity.

    I feel we are so occupied in playing the mommy role that we don’t pay attention to these emotions. I liked the happy hour idea.

    And yes,thanks a lot for mentioning about my post. Glad my writing could be a part of your journey.

  2. Vasantha, i too had gestational diabetes with my first child and I can relate to your frustration. I loved how you equated your evolution to the navarasas and I am totally flicking your idea of happy hour.
    What a lovely post! Thank you for this.

  3. This is a creative idea of connecting motherhood with Navaras. You have gone through a lot with Prenatal depression and post-partum depression, gestational diabetes, anger and yet here you are today as the most empathetic person. Happy hours does seem to be a good idea with keeping aside everything and dedicating time just with your son. I wish you and your son all the successes.

  4. Love Love Love the article Vasantha. I can feel so much love and honesty in this post. I am sorry you have gone through a tough pregnancy journey due to health reasons. But you are a super women who handled everything in a right way. I love the idea of happy hours. Wish to try that with my kid. God bless your kid and your family dear.

  5. I loved loved reading your HONEST and heart warming post Vasantha! And thankful to you for writing this!! I am glad you talk about depression and how you used mindfulness to tackle it! I am so so so inspired to do the same and have a good relationship with my bundles too! What an absolutely amazing post <3

  6. I loved the idea of a blog train. Your son reminds me of my teenage son who gives the same kind of joy to us as he grows into a fine young man. 🙂

  7. What an interesting way to depict the emotions of motherhood, Vasantha. Happy hours sounds like a lot of fun, we try and do so as well with my nine year old. I’m going to read the link to mindful parenting. It’s been on my mind since I wrote my post too. 🙂

    Kudos to your wonderful journey. You have a fine man out there. God bless him loads.

  8. Loved your honest straight-from-the-heart post, Vasantha. It was intersreting how you connected it with navaras. I could see myself going through the roller coaster ride of emotional and physical upheaval I faced as a mother through your post and could empathise with you. I feel the idea of Happy Hour is something we should all try every day at least once!

  9. What a lovely journey it has been so far and there is still such a long way to go. I wish your son all the success in life and pray for strength for you and your husband so that both of you can help him fulfil his dreams

  10. So beautiful the whole journey has been.. There must have been really difficult times, but coming to terms with them and finding solutions.. Kudos to you for the strength.. That’s the Kali Ma in you – taking charge and bringing you out a winner each time.. I have just started my journey.. So much to learn from your experience.. thanks for this post.

  11. Thanks for sharing this post Vasantha. My Toddler is a hyperactive talkative and naughty Kid who give me tough time every now and then. I hope this theory of yours may bring change to him like you Son.

  12. sharvi blossom hulsure

    You have tied in the changes in you, your emotions post motherhood very well with the Navrasas. Kudos to you and this creative yet heartfelt post. Happy hours is a good idea and definitely try it at my end.

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