Wasting A Seat Or Tasting The Life

Inspired by the post Wasting a seat? #MondayMusings of Vinitha.

If you wanted to be a SAHM ( Stay At Home Mom ), then why did you study engineering and waste a seat?

The same question was still being thrown at me even after three years of my decision to be a SAHM. I completed my B.E ( Computer Science & Engineering ) during 1995 and I loved to do my Masters right after getting my under graduation. God had some other plans for me. But a better plan, I believed. During that time, my father passed away at the age of 48 unexpectedly and I was in a position to work and support my family. I was working as a Lecturer in an Engineering College. So my Masters dream was dwelling only in my heart and mind.

In 2002, I got married. During 2004, with the big support from my hubby and family, I enrolled for Masters as Part Time in the same college. I struggled a lot to manage family, classes and my studies with my one year old naughty son. But I completed my Masters with Distinction. I worked for the same college for 16 years and one year as HOD of CSE department in another college. And when my hubby decided to go for SA during 2012, I made a strong decision to be a SAHM. My hubby was really shocked since he knew well how I loved my profession. But I never went back in my decision. I really enjoy being a SAHM.

I am seeing the fruit of my decision in my son’s behavior, discipline and studies. But I am not wasting my education. It helps me to guide my son, in decision-making, to be confident, to support the family by taking care of everything and specially all our money managements, to find my personal space, to learn new things daily, to get connected with lovely friends through my blog and much more.

Really I’m happy that my students are still in touch with me and am able to guide them in their studies, career, family and life. Thank God for all goodness.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks Vinitha. Loved your post very much …. 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompts: “No Apologies ” 

Friends, What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it? Share with us and stay cool …. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Wasting A Seat Or Tasting The Life”

  1. I never regretted to be a stay at home mom. My children have always been my purpose since I have them. I basically saw my purpose in having children. Over time when they grew, I joined new educations and opened up my own practice which goes wonderfully along with the family… one step at a time. I would do it exactly the same way again!

  2. This post makes me think of a successful woman in the United States. who had studied science in college, had a large family, was a stay at home Mom, and ended up runing a magazine and a home business. Her magazine has over 225,000 followers on Facebook. She still is raising her four younger children. Who would not call her a success? Would they have said she wasted a seat? We all benefit society in our own ways. It still amazes me that SAHM’s are put down.

  3. I took the decision of becoming a SAHM after having my face held up against the wall for a year. For a year I strived and struggled managing the job, the baby living in a joint family. Whoever said raising and managing in a joint family is an easy work is only telling the partial truth. And then I took it up – being a SAHM. I respect my decision and have come to love my ‘this life’.
    It was great to know you more through this post.

  4. It is ultimately one’s own choice whether to work outside or not. Education is not just to grab a job. It should enlighten us and when it fails to do so we bother others with silly questions like why did you study! As a mom, I learned even more than what my college taught me. 🙂

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