Qualities Of Lord Shiva That Made Me His Lover


Lord Shiva is the Ultimate God. Recently celebrated another vibrant night of ecstasy and bliss – Mahashivarathri with my Guru. This year I’m doing this Shadhana and Prayer for the seventh time. Though I have listed already why I love Lord Shiva, still there are more reasons to do so. By Celebrating Mahashivarathri, I’m celebrating my inner peace.

Lord Shiva is the Lord of the Lords. He’s the creator and destroyer. He’s in full motion and complete stillness. He’s the sound of cosmos and true silence. He’s in ecstasy and anger. He has no origin and no destination. He’s everything and also nothing. 

Qualities Of Lord Shiva That Made Me His Lover

Though the qualities of Lord Shiva can not be explored completely, I have done my level best to understand him to an extent. And I Love these qualities of him the most ……

Loving Husband

Among the various forms of Lord Shiva, I love Ardhanareeswarar very much. Vedhas and Purnas depict how much he loved his wife. Also he treated his wife with respect and equality. His love for Parvathi is incomparable. Also he’s the God who has only one wife. He cared for her and has given his half to her. He has included her with him. 


Shiva & Parvathi


Caring Family Man

Lord Shiva is considered as a complete family man with his wife Parvathi, two sons Vinayaga and Muruga. He’s the leader of his family. He has taught great lessons to his wife and two sons. Also he never failed to learn lesson form his son also. He’s a perfect loving husband and responsible father.


Family Of Shiva & Parvathi


Simple Non Materialistic God

The ornaments of Lord Shiva are snake, tiger skin, rudraksha, ash, moon, udukkai and Ganga. He’s never seen wearing precious ornaments. He prefer to live in graveyard which depicts the end of our birth on earth. He’s called as Abhiseka Priyan – Lover of Abisekam. He can be satisfied with simple and ordinary things like milk, honey, sugar cane juice and vibuthi.

 Adi Yogi – Creator Of Yoga

Lord Shiva is considered as Adi Yogi – The Fist Yogi -The Creator of Yoga. He’s in meditation and yoga all the time. He’s always balanced and live in the present. He practiced Mindfulness and taught us the same. His Mantra – Om Nama Shivaya – Maha Mantra has many effects on chanting. Doing yoga and meditation calms down and make us balanced in all our activities.


Lord Shiva

Great Dancer

Lord Shiva is called as Nataraja – King of Dance. His dance illustrates the cosmic dance of the Universe. He’s in full motion and stillness simultaneously. Dance will keep us energized by releasing all our stress.

God With Supreme Power

Everyone seek the help and solution from Lord Shiva for any problems. He’s the God with supreme powers to destroy any kind of evils. He’s impartial, does not discriminate between Dhevas and Asuras. And also he could not tolerate injustice. He’s the destroyer of evils.

Enlightenment or Self Realization Principle

Lord Shiva directs us to be highly self-aware. Self Awareness leads to Enlightenment or Self Realization. God resides in everyone’s heart. When you realism it, then you can also become as a God. He teaches us to take deeper journey within. Realizing that state of ultimate bliss of union with God is self-realization.


Adi Yogi Shiva

What do you love about Lord Shiva? Do you practice mindfulness and meditation? Feel free to share your experience …..


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8 thoughts on “Qualities Of Lord Shiva That Made Me His Lover”

  1. Brilliant post! Truly Lord Shiva is one of the most mesmerizing Gods there are. I am particularly fond of his quality of being in his own world while keeping an eye on the mortals. I totally identify with this quality. I am always living in my head though I am always mindful of the people and situations around me.
    Thank you for writing this lovely post. Keep writing 🙂

  2. Lovely Post, Vasantha. Though, somehow I’m more inclined towards Krishnaji(probably because of family background) I admire Shivji equally. I love many things about him, esp his minimalism, his endurance, and his respect for his better half (in true sense). In fact, I didn’t read Amish’s Shiva trilogy only because I can’t imagine Shivji as a human and with how he and his family are portrayed in the book. This is a very inspiring post, Vasantha. So much to gain in so less words. 🙂

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