5 Helpful Advice To Sky Rocket Your Romantic Quotient


Have you ever wondered there exist any perfect couple in this world? I think even Shiva and Parvathi won’t be that perfect couple. Many a times, our differences add flavor to our monotonous routine line. Also little things like caring each other, cooking for the family are the best to improve your relationship.


I admit shamelessly that we are the best fighters and also the best lovers. We talk a lot, argue a lot, fight a lot, travel a lot, and of course love a lot too. We have come up from fighting relationship to cherishing relationship, and here are the 5 helpful advice to sky-rocket your romantic quotient from our 15 years of married life.


5 Helpful Advice To Sky Rocket Your Romantic Quotient


I have as many awesome reasons to love my man as some reasons that irritate me too. That’s how life is. You can sky-rocket your romantic quotient by following these 5 helpful advice ……

Appreciate Always

There is nothing in the world which makes you happy than real appreciation. So never miss a chance to appreciate your partner for their efforts, support, love and encouragement. Express your appreciation in all forms as loving words, kind gestures, tasty meals, and happy chatting.

  • Be the cheer leader for each other.
  • Take candid beautiful shots and make an album. 
  • Appreciate their struggles and hard efforts in public. They will love it for sure.

Be The Stress Buster

Don’t ever irritate your spouse with nagging questions and doubts. This would be the worst killer of your relationship. Though we have no hard and fast rules in our love game,  but some simple things helped for our happy married life. Always back up your partner when they are physically or mentally down. 

  • Be open to hear about their pains, troubles and problems.
  • Don’t rush to any judgments. But support them with your unconditional love.
  • Try to relax them by discussing, providing solution or simply listening to them. 

Touch Often

We are lacking physical touches in this modern tech savvy era. Do we need any reasons to touch our loved ones? Physical non sexual touches will melt their hearts and get added to their love deposits. This may spice up your sex life too. 

  • Hold hands while watching TV.
  • Hug your spouse while they return from work.
  • Go for a night bike ride.


5 Helpful Advice To Sky Rocket Your Romantic Quotient

Surprise With Gifts

Is there anybody who don’t love surprise gifts? We always give gifts to our friends, kids and relatives. But we restrain ourselves for gifting our better half due to “taken for granted attitude”. So start to enjoy the happiness of gifting to your spouse again from this Valentines Day.

  • Make a gift wish list for your spouse.
  • Surprise them with your creativity.
  • Once in a while, gift them with some non materialistic things.

Travel Together

Travel will always broaden our knowledge and also strengthen our relationship. Travel will get us closer. Traveling to new places gives you more energy and keeps you charged for the rest of the time. Recharge and refresh yourself with travel.

  • Plan for an exclusive couple vacation every year.
  • Make travel photo albums for sweet memories.
  • Play favorite songs for each other and enjoy singing together.


How do you spice up your romantic life? Do you have any secret tips to share with our readers? Then feel free to comment your tips.

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31 thoughts on “5 Helpful Advice To Sky Rocket Your Romantic Quotient”

  1. Great pointers. My fav from these 5 is the ‘be a stress buster’. Simply listening or being there for each other is a big one and help cement the relationship!

  2. I totally agree. Appreciating and respecting each other is so important in a relationship. You have pointed out all the important factors in maintaining a good relationship. Wish you two a lot of happiness

  3. This is such a FANTASTIC post. Some of the tips are a “must do” by all couples yet they are ignored by many. These little gestures go a long way in building a great bond with one’s partner. Thank you for sharing this. Keep Writing 🙂

  4. These are such great tips, Vasantha. Indeed, appreciating and motivating each other means a lot. Also, a hug or a kiss is all is takes to make our loved ones feel special.

  5. Wow.. i loved these tips..perfectly summarized. All of these are so important yet in our busy lives overlooked.. that leads to distance. Thank you for reminding me ways to reignite that spark!!

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