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Feeling positive, abundant  and blessed in completing another great week for Mindful Monday – Healthy Living!. This week is special for me.

Highlights of last week:

This year I did Mahashivarathri Fasting and Prayer for the sixth time from 2010. On March 5, 2016, I started my Mahashivratri Sadhana with the grace of my Spiritual Guru Sadhguru. From March 5 to March 7, I had fasting and took only two meals in a day. Being a vegetarian basically, it’s not that much difficult for me to avoid non vegetarian food on those days. We were instructed to take bath twice and to eat handful groundnuts soaked in water overnight and pepper soaked in honey. Both groundnuts and pepper with honey are rich in Iron and Minerals that helped me to keep up my fasting. And I chanted the Om Sarvobhyo mantra and Yoga Yoga Yogeeswaraya mantra 12 times daily. It created the necessary foundation in my body.

The most awaited night of Mahashivarthri – a night of nameless ecstasies  was simply a night of celebrating my inner peace. I have a will to attend the function at the yoga center. But due to family and health conditions, it was not possible. So had the mantra chanting, pooja and fasting right in front of TV watching the live telecast. At the celebration grounds, the festivities begin with chanting followed by Sadhguru leading me through several preparatory spiritual processes. At the stroke of midnight, Sadhguru initiates the huge gathering into a very powerful meditation which is the most looked forward event of the night.

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My room was prepared by lighting a lamp. It is best to stay awake and aware while remaining in a posture that keeps the spine in a vertical position throughout the night. Continously chanted or sang various powerful chants and songs of Lord Shiva. I also went for a walk ,looked into the darkness and get connected with the nothingness – Lord Shiva . It was really a night for celebrating my inner peace.Chanting of the Mahamantra, “AUM Namah Shivaya” and “Shambo” made me to cry literally. One could understand the power and bashfulness of this night only by their own experience.

Other regular activities of this week will be summarized in my next Monday Post since I would like to share only the positivity and bashfulness of the vibrant night in this post.

Inspiration For This Week : Surrender

“Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love.”
— Virgil
 “When you really surrender to the moment, even if it’s very unpleasant, you feel ‘There’s no place I’d rather be’. What you really are is totally in love with seeing Itself everywhere.”
— Adyashanti
Surrender to the present moment and to love however bad and struggling your day is. Let go of control for being peaceful and free. It’s only in surrendering that can make us peaceful and free. 
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My Opinion on Surrender is …

  • committing to something so fully it becomes part of you.
  • loving someone so deeply that their mistakes are forgiven easily.
  • being true to yourself.
  • having compassionate heart.
  • accepting yourself and others.
  • fully embracing the present moment without judgement.
  • celebrating the power of belief.

I preferred to surrender to love, empathetic and kindness.

Useful Resource for this week: 

Please feel free to join our health journey….. And share your experience with us……. 

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18 thoughts on “Celebrating The Inner Peace – #MondayMusings”

  1. I always wondered how to celebrate Mahashivratri but never knew what to do. Thanks for sharing these thoughts – I will try and do it next year.

  2. Vasantha, I am enjoying learning about your sacred journey. Mahashivratri is an uplifting festival. How wonderful you could share in the magic from the T.V. Wonderful times we live in! Have a magnificent week! <3

    1. Thanks Sayanti …… Happy that I am getting connected with so many Sadhguru’s followers through Social Media … Hope it’s all our destiny…… Glad you enjoyed my post ….. 🙂

  3. Beat About The Book

    Sometimes the venue doesn’t really matter and you can find peace wherever you are provided you are open to it. Glad you could take up the fasting.

  4. Wow! Such a surreal experience! I enjoyed reading your post.
    Also your twitter handle in t he tweet link is with www and twitter so you need to edit it.

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