My Love For Being Mindful – Cohosting #HappySunday Link Party

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I enjoy being mindful nowadays. From last year, I started to select a word of the year and focus fully on that word for the complete year. And I found, the expected results were really unimaginable. This year I have chosen to be mindful and to enjoy the present moment more. Read more about my mindfulness stories here.

Get free mindfulness exercise worksheets. From this, I have downloaded parenting happily worksheet. Soon you can expect a post on my experience.

Friends, please feel free to share your experiences about mindfulness and how it helped your motherhood journey.

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#HappySunday #LinkParty #HS 9

#HappySunday #LinkParty

Blogging is not only writing a post and hitting the publish button. It goes a whole lot of way more than that. The blogosphere exists because of the blogging communities, their synergies and mutual connections. Link parties is a beautiful way to do exactly this.

This week the #HappySunday #LinkParty is hosted by Vasantha Vivek who was the featured blogger a couple of weeks earlier.

The following are the rules, I would like each participating member to follow the rules for better results.

  1. You can add up to two posts per week not necessarily on the prompt.
  2. Add my super delightful badge(code below) in your post.
  3. I would be commenting on all posts and sharing them.
  4. Use the hashtags #SIM #HappySunday when commenting and sharing for better reach.
  5. Comment on the post of the host and one post above your post.
  6. Blog hops are about sharing and commenting so please do as many as you can.

Prompt For The Week

This week it is going to be the festival of colors – and of course we are going to ask you to write about exactly that!

Write about your holi experience, share with us!

It is totally your take on the festival! You can write why you love or hate the festival. What makes you think we need to go to natural and organic colors?

How to play holi safely, environment friendly and with lesser effect on our skin.

Anything that you find is going to be an interesting read.

Holi the festival Of Colours
Holi the festival Of Colours


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15 thoughts on “My Love For Being Mindful – Cohosting #HappySunday Link Party”

  1. Menaka Bharathi

    Happy Holi !!! Vasantha, Since I have come to Chattisgarh, I have become a fan of this festival, mainly because my children enjoy it thoroughly.

  2. Being mindful is so tough… My mind Wanders quite easily… Glad you are able to do so and even have worksheets for that.

  3. Mindfulness is what most of us just slip up on. I am happy that you are focusing on this and are doing well. We celebrated Holi today, had lots of fun and played only with organic color and water. That was a safe Holi.

  4. There are mindful exercise worksheets? This is new stuff!

    As for holi, I don’t usually play it. But the colours are fun to watch.

  5. Stress, anger, and anxiety can impair not only our health but our judgment and skills of attention. Fortunately, research suggests an effective way to deal with these difficult feelings: the practice of “mindfulness,” the ability to pay careful attention to what you’re thinking, feeling, and sensing in the present moment without judging those thoughts and feelings as good or bad. Countless studies link mindfulness exercises to better health, lower anxiety, and greater resilience to stress. But how do you cultivate mindfulness? How to be mindful? A basic method is to focus your attention on your own breathing—a practice called, quite simply, “mindful breathing.” After setting aside time to practice deep breathing exercises, you should find it easier to focus attention on your breath in your daily life—an important skill to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, cool yourself down when your temper flares, and sharpen your skills of concentration.

  6. Holi has always been my favorite festival for the love doled out. I strive to be mindful of the presence of light and living in the moment. Meditation is one way that helped me in this sense to be one with the self.

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