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“This Mom’s Life” series has gifted me with lovely friends on this blogosphere. Happy to introduce today,a passionate blogger and mother, Surbhi Prapanna of Positive parenting. Happy for her friendship which I never expected. 

Surbhi is a homeopathic physician and mom of two lovely daughters. She loves reading, writing, crafting and spending quality time with her kids. She believes in the concept of real food, green living and always loves to search the simplest way to live a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she moved from India to the USA and enjoying each moment of life with her husband and two kids. Although she had 5 years of clinical and teaching experience in homeopathy, but the most indelible experience of her life is being a mom of two cute dolls.  she has started her writing journey at the age of 17 and her work published in various well-known newspaper and magazine. and after a pause she has again restarted her writing journey after being a mom . she loves to share her parenting experience through her blog “Positive parenting”. her work has appeared in most of the Indian parenting blogs ( Parentous, Indiammomsconnect) and few prestigious USA blogs ( Elephant journal, red tricycle)  You can follow her on, Google+, twitter, Facebook,   website.

My sincere gratitude towards her for earnestly accepting for this guest post. Here she shares her motherhood thoughts exclusively with our readers.

1.       What three words describe you as a mother?
loving, caring and passionate.

2.       What’s the parenting rule you never break?
Always have food (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) on time.

3.       And one rule you do break?
Sometimes exceed the screen time.

4.       How do you spend time off for yourself?
Of course reading, writing, and crafting.

5.       What’s the best part of your day?
When kids come from school, and shared their day with me.

6.       What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?
Pretending that I am always right…I know I am not, but it is fun to pretend it.

7.       What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?
Milk, fruits, vegetables, butter, curd.

8.       What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

  • As a wife, supportive, caring
  • As a mom, over possessive and encouraging

9.       Do you have a family ritual that you love?
We celebrate “Ganesh festival” every year as a family with great enthusiasm. I believed it brings positivity and new energy in our house.

10.   What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?
I want to teach them Individuality, fearlessness, and ability to take self-decision, whenever it needed in life.

 Thanks again Surbhi for your great lifetime sharing with us … 🙂
 Happy to feature other mommy friends also …… Interested can mail me at
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15 thoughts on “This MOM’s Life”

  1. Surbhi Prapanna

    I am really excited to be here and get featured in this wonderful section (this mom’s life). thanks a lot to my dear friend Vasantha Vivek to making me a part of this wonderful community. and would love to wish all- A happy Holi, play safe and enjoy the color of festival.

  2. Enjoyed this little interview with Surbhi! And it’s so wonderful to get to meet new people and forge new frienships via blogging.

  3. It was an interesting read, Vasantha! Glad to know you have made some wonderful friends in the blogosphere! Aren’t we all lucky to meet some truly beautiful souls out there? 🙂

  4. Nice to know about Surbhi, thanks to you, Vasantha. Blogging sure presents us with a lot of new friends, right? 🙂

  5. Anamika Agnihotri

    It is a pleasure to know about Surbhi Prapanna through this series ‘This Mom’s Life’. I like her blog’s name – Positive Parenting. It is amazing how the blogosphere is so vast that we keep discovering new bloggers. As Shilpa says above, thanks Vasantha for introducing us to a mom blogger.

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