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Welcome to A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies

The fifth letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is E. E is for Mindful Eating.

When mindfulness applied to eating, you will give the necessary to notice how your food is affecting your body; You can make your eating a more enjoyable experience with mindfulness! And its high time to cultivate the behavior of healthy living habits. Today, as you eat, be aware of what you are eating, how you are eating, and why you are eating.


“When we taste with attention, even the simplest foods provide a universe of sensory experience.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is, you stop and give the majority of your thoughts and time to the actual act of eating. It requires time to stop, savor and purposefully eat. Mindful Eating is building habits to make decisions about when to eat, what to eat, why to eat, where to eat and how much to eat.


Mindful Eating is building habits to make decisions about when to eat, what to eat, why to eat, where to eat and how much to eat.


 A To Z 2018 Challenge - E For Mindful Eating


How To Practice Mindful Eating

  1. Eat in a calm and healthy place.
  2. Never eat when you’re upset or angry. 
  3. Eat only when you are hungry.
  4. Pray before eating.
  5. Thank The Almighty God, the person who prepared food, the universe and bless them all with your kindness.
  6. Don’t ever rush to eat your food once it is placed on your plate. Wait few minutes enjoying the smell, texture, color, and appearance of the food.
  7. Then always eat slowly savoring the smell, texture, taste, and color of your food.
  8. Enjoy every bite of your food mindfully. 
  9. Don’t eat too much or too low.
  10. Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal.
  11. Eat with your family at least one time in a day.
  12. Eat more healthy, homemade, organic foods. 

Other words to explore 

Embrace, Explore, Enjoy

Mindfulness Challenge For The Day

Chocolate Meditation

1.Take your favorite chocolate. Before you start eating it, sit comfortably and take few deep breaths.

2. Take a moment to appreciate the chocolate: how you got this, what color and flavor is this, what ingredients does it have and why you need to taste it?

3. Pause to notice your feelings. Are you feeling excited, nervous, or bored to wait?

4. Slowly unwrap the chocolate and take a minute explore it with your eyes, nose, and hands. Look at it closely, smell it, touch it and feel it.

5. Now slowly take a bit of it. Don’t sallow it directly. Instead, chew slowly and gently by savoring the taste and texture of it.

6. Continue the same for the full chocolate. Sit back and recall your feelings and experience about this Mindful Eating.

P.S: You can replace Chocolate with your favorite. It can be anything like Apple, Cucumber or Ice Cream.


Mindful Eating

Explore, Eat, Enjoy


Take an interesting Mindful Eating Pledge here.


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34 thoughts on “E For Mindful Eating: A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies #StayMindfulWithMSN”

  1. Novemberschild

    Eating mindfully can seem tough, as it’s likely that by the time you sit down to eat food (or even walk while eating), you’re ravenous and can’t seem to hold back from devouring in mere seconds. However, being mindful when eating can benefit the body and mind, as it can allow time for the body to register its fullness and appreciate the food and flavors more. The practice of mindful eating can certainly boost your health. Mindfulness allows us to be truly present with our thoughts, feelings and emotions as we eat. Rather than automatically reaching for a snack after work or going for that second helping, being mindful with our foods lets us take an extra second to notice our sense of fullness, or other reasons we may be eating that aren’t simply because of habit or hunger.

  2. After detox, mindful eating, wow. chocolate meditation is my favorite which i always do, never knew it was mindful for me… so care to share a chocolate piece…Ahh

  3. I am literally trying to hide under my chair..I never practice mindful eating and that is the reason for my weight gain ..Thanks for this post..I feel motivated.

  4. In todays world where we are juggling finding our keys and gobbling down breakfast, this list seems so out of dated and useless. But thats precisely the reason why its important! We have made everything such a hurry worry effort in our life, that we are missing out on enjoying the life we are living! Great points there V and though I dont do all of it, I have slowed down my meal times and do think about what am I eating, where it came from and how healthy it is for me!

    The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak #atozchallenge

  5. I hadnt thought that eating could be mindful too. But this makes complete sense. Also no gadgets during eating is a good way to be mindful. Many people especially with kids, make this mistake. Lovely thought Vivi

  6. Loved just loved your post dear Vasantha, especially the chocolate meditation part. This sure is a wonderful series. Will remain glued.

  7. I will not replace the chocolate. I am eating it mindfully every time. This is a wonderful post. We never give so much thought while eating. For me it’s just like a chore I need to finish so I can get on to other things. I am changing this habit now, surely.

  8. While I do try to have atleast one meal where we are eating together as a family and say a small prayer before we start to eat, but then so often the TV takes over.. This is a wonderful reminder.. Loving all your posts in this series

  9. I definitely need to detox. I do not eat mindfully. Instead, I have indulged in impulsive, emotional eating, as I found comfort in food after my mom’s dementia diagnosis. Now I am switching to exploring taste and texture and, maybe even some mindfulness. The chocolate meditation is beautiful, and I can lose myself in the joy of chocolate and realize that a small amount is pure joy, best eaten slowly.

  10. My wife insists that we have dinner as a family everyday sitting together. Before marriage I used to eat anyway my mood took me. On the bed, standing and so on. My wife has brought in some discipline into my eating habits.

  11. Wow! I never really paid attention to my feelings and emotions while eating a chocolate; except maybe to finish it before it melts. I will try your method soon. Do you think it will work if I want to try it with something I don’t like to eat?

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