Daily Tips : Purify Your Space

Purify Your Space of Negative Energy
Follow this steps to reduce negative energy in your house and thus you can purify your space.

Spreading light in the house: Lighting the candle/incense stick, burning sandalwood incense enables to ignite positivity.
Salt: Fill a bowl with salt and start by sprinkling it in the corners of every room or area where you feel energy is heavy and stuck.
Clap: Start continuously clapping and go around the whole house. When we clap, we break the energy patterns
Bells/Chimes: We would use the sound element by using bells, chimes or Tibetan bowls, to break the patterns. Sound is a strong method to create peace and harmony.
Mantras/prayers: Simply walk in a room, say/chant/pray and feel the positivity seeping into the house. You can play an audio recording of any prayer anytime during the day. The sound of the mantra will rinse the negativity out of the house.
Natural fragrances: Infusing fresh aroma of the flowers, essential oils and incense is another great way to expel and evacuate the house of negativity. 

Photos/Posters: Display your family photos of sweet memory or any motivational posters around your house. This may refresh your minds and keeps you away from negativity.

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