Love To Wait In The Waiting Room

Love To Wait In The Waiting Room

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Yes ! You are reading it right !!! I love to wait in the waiting room. Since its the time for many things reading, messaging, calling friends and relatives over phone, observing the environment, listening to music, simply waiting and so on.

Always when I have to wait in waiting rooms like Airport, Hospitals, Schools, Beauty Parlours I prefer reading. I will have some books with me always. Whenever I wait, I start reading. Reading is like Yoga to me. Since I forget myself in reading that gives me eternal pleasure.

Still if I continue to wait, I slowly look around. I will try to simply observe my surroundings – people, objects, arts, decoration, interior and all. This gives me much pleasure and keeps me connected with people around.

I love to wait …. And I wait to love all …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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