10 Daily Tasks Every Blogger Should Do To Grow Their Blog


Blogging is a journey, not a destination. After creating your blog and posting articles for some time, you feel low or overwhelming since your blog traffic is not as good as you expected or you find so much on your blogging plate to be consumed with limited time and money. 

This is natural and has nothing to worry. I also felt this. I blog, therefore I am. When I started to blog three years back, I felt being stranded on this big island of blogging. And slowly I learned the tips and tricks of blogging by trial and error and from my blogging community Write Tribe, BlogARhythm, and Blogchatter. So this post discusses “10 Daily Tasks Every Blogger Should Do To Grow Their Blog”.


 blog Daily Tasks

10 Daily Tasks Every Blogger Should Do To Grow Their Blog

Check your stats

You can get various info regarding your blog from “My Sites” tab on your WordPress dashboard. Also, you can get various other info by using tools like Google Analytics and Jetpack. You can see the number of page views, visitors, likes, and comments. Bar graph representation of this info will help you better. Try to explore each metrics to understand the performance your blog. 


blog stats


  • You can know the details of your readers.
  • You can write posts as per your readers’ interests.
  • You can know the best times, top posts and its performance.
  • You can concentrate on improving low metrics to grow your blog. 

Write quality posts

Quality of your posts is more important than the number of your posts. So do have the habit of posting few long quality posts rather than more short posts. Quality is preferred than the frequency. Proofread all your posts. Use available tools to check grammars and spellings. I use Grammarly tool for this. Follow basic steps for your SEO Scores such as including keywords, optimizing images and writing the meta description. The Yoast plugin helps me in improving the SEO Scores of my blog posts. Also, check for some genuine websites listing the quality blogs that accept guest posts.       


  • Your readership circle expands.
  • You get better chance to be listed in Google search.
  • You improve your personal branding.
  • You get recognized by brands for collaborations.

Connect with your readers

Reply to all the comments received on your blog posts. Discuss with your readers to understand what in particular they are expecting from your blog. Once in a while run contests and giveaways to encourage your readers to participate. Celebrate your blog successes with your readers.


  • You value and respect your readers.
  • You get new ideas for your posts.
  • Encourage your blog growth by link building and backlinks.
  • You make the readers return to your blog. 



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Manage Social Media 

Sharing your posts on your social media accounts is as important as writing quality posts. Explore the best times to post on each of your SM accounts. Try to use relevant trending hashtags. You can also create your own unique hashtags, Use the tools like Crowdfire and Buffer to schedule your posts. Use free online design tool Canva to design your creatives. 


  • You are building your personal brand.
  • You get collaborations from brands.
  • You are able to earn money from your blog.
  • Your online presence gets improved.

Brainstorm new ideas

Keep a notebook handy or use Evernote to note your new ideas. Get inspired by fellow bloggers. Run polls and discussions to brainstorm new ideas. Create a list of blog post ideas. Participate and host Twitter Chats and Group Forums to know about the trending topics. Join any fb groups that encourage you to write on daily / weekly / monthly prompts. Participate in blog hops and writing challenges.


  • You overcome your writer’s block.
  • You challenge yourself with your writing skills.
  • You improve the ratings for your blog.
  • Helps you to write quality posts.


blog daily tasks cheatsheet


Generate content upgrades or lead magnets

Content upgrades or lead magnets or freebies or opt-ins are free, useful, extra contents offered to your subscribers. Repurpose your old posts or new contents can be used for this. Free downloadable pdf, free email course, cheat sheets, planners, worksheets, free challenge are some of the favorite lead magnets being used by many bloggers.


  • Attracts your readers to sign up for your blog.
  • Helps in offering your newsletters.
  • You can sell your lead magnets in future.
  • You can build your resource library and get it converted to paid resources.



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Declutter your blog

Decluttering your blog is so crucial for improving your blog speed and limiting your allocated memory. Read the descriptions of any new plugins before installing. Uninstall any unused plugins. Compress all the images. Often clear your thrash and drafts folder. Also, uninstall unused themes. Check for any broken links and repair them. Build your personal brand with unique colors, themes, and fonts. Keep your blog simple and elegant for the easy reading.


  • Helps your blog pages to load faster.
  • Reduces your bounce rate.
  • Reduces your memory usage.
  • Improves the reading experience for your readers.

Manage Emails

Spend your time mindfully in replying your emails from clients, readers, and brands. Delete unnecessary emails. Unsubscribe any unuseful subscriptions. Organise your emails into folders. Create your creative email signature by using free tools. Include your SM accounts links into this. Send newsletters to your subscribers. Mailchimp is my favorite to send newsletters to my subscribers. Send emails to collaborate with fellow bloggers and brands.


  • You save much of your time.
  • You never miss your chance to build your online business.
  • You can monetize your blog.
  • You build your personality.

Connect with fellow bloggers

This is my all-time favorite task. You can connect with your fellow bloggers by reading, commenting and sharing their blog posts. You can join them in organizing blog link parties, contests, and giveaways. Write and invite guest posts from your blogger friends. Follow their SM accounts. Join some encouraging blogging groups. Participate in blogger events and meets.


  • You build your friends community and backlinks.
  • You get inspired by them.
  • Helps to grow your blog organically.
  • Your online friends become your extended family.

Connect with brands

Reach out to brands for collaborations like sponsors and giveaways. Create your Media Kit to share with your clients and brands. Write to brands and PRs for any new collaborations. Organise sponsored contests and giveaways on your blog. Participate in sponsored contests organized by fellow bloggers. 


  • You can monetize your blog.
  • You can build your business reputation.
  • You can offer blog services to your clients.
  • You extend your business scope.


Do you have your daily blogging tasks list?  Would you like to add your tips to the list? 



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26 thoughts on “10 Daily Tasks Every Blogger Should Do To Grow Their Blog”

  1. This is such a useful and detailed post Vasantha. Every blogger could do with these brilliant tips. Thank you.

  2. A very handy and resourceful list. Its specially good for bloggers like me who are new to the blogging world. Thanks for the knowledge.

  3. Very useful and detailed set of tips here, Vasantha! I honestly recommend that all bloggers have a schedule for writing/marketing/reading/sharing content. This will go a long way to building credibility as a blogger.

  4. An interesting way in discussing on the need for good quality content that becomes a blog USP. I agree that nothing can ever beat good content rather than junk! You have explained everything in a step-by-step method. Brainstorming for the week is very important something that I once read on the blog of a seasoned blogger and writer.

  5. Excellent points. Yes, it does get overwhelming but when followed consistently, in the long run it pays off. I haven’t used grammarly yet. Will check it out.

  6. I maintain a journal where u write upcoming deadlines for posts, things I like in other blogs . These are the reminders for me to ask them about it. If I have any ideas for my future posts, I jot it down in that journal.

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