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A Typical Day In A Mom Blogger’s Life …… #WTFOW Day 4

Day 4 (8 Aug/Tue) – Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life


No day seems to be the same for anybody. And no wonder it’s not the same any moment for a mom and a blogger too. Have you ever wondered what a typical day in a mom blogger’s life look like?


Today we have with us a mom blogger. She is ambitious. She has dreams and strives to achieve it. Her confidence is her biggest strength. She is determined to overcome the struggles of life and scale the heights of success.


Here are the excerpts of a spirited conversation I had with her. Now, over to her to have a sneak peek in to the day of a mom blogger ……


mom blogger
Shalu Sharma – The Dreamer Mum, Blogger, Early Learning & Education Expert


About Shalu Sharma


Shalu Sharma‘s a mother of 2.7 year old twin daughters, a blogger and an Early Learning & Education Expert by profession. An avid reader who loves to read fiction. She also loves to watch movies & web / television series that she can connect with. She’s a great admirer of music & Indian classical songs. She blogs @ The Dreamer Mum, where she shares her experiences of parenting, early education & her views on different social issues.

A Typical Day In A Mom Blogger’s Life – Shalu Sharma


We all play multiple roles in our lives. Sometimes their roles come at different phases in our lives while for some of us we play multiple roles every day, every moment we live. I too play varied roles in my life – the roles of a mother, a wife, an employee, a citizen etc. This is how a day in my life looks like managing all these roles.


Rumi Quotes About A Day
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The Housemaker – My day begins as a mother of tornadoes, getting up before my kids could & making sure I am done using the washroom, as once my kids get up, there is no way I can have a minute to myself even for nature’s calls. From the moment both my girls get up till the time they are sitting inside the play-school van, it seems like there’s a cyclone at home. As soon as kids leave, it feels like the storm has passed & I feel like going back to bed – well if only I could.


The Feminist – I keep aside some time to have a proper breakfast before my work as an employee begins. My role in my current organization is to tie up with different corporates & help them design and implement Maternity Benefit policies, Gender Sensitization policy and other policies & support required to ensure that the female employees of the employees reach their optimal productivity & phases like maternity break etc. do not become a hindrance in it. I love the profile as it gives me an opportunity towards creating an equal right working environment for all genders.


The Supporter – Mine is a flexible working job, thus by the time I am back from work, it’s afternoon & my daughters are already back from the playschool & are either ready to sleep or already sleeping. I work on some pending mails and communications while they nap. Once they are up, I take one of my daughters to therapy. She has Asperger’s Syndrome due to which she lacks social & communication skills & thus needs to undergo Occupational therapy and Music therapy. I have to be there to ensure that I too help her in achieving her development goals.


The Mother & the Wife – My evenings are dedicated to my kids. We do a lot of age appropriate developmental activities throughout evening & enjoy our time together. Reading books, learning new things, art, craft & painting, cooking together & having a lot of fun – that’s the main essence of my evenings. Once my husband is back home, we all have our dinner together & spend some time together talking about our day, plans etc. 


The Entrepreneur & The Change-Maker–Once my kids are asleep, It’s the time I look forward to during the whole day. Call it me time or call it my passion hour, I do what I love the most. I read work of other bloggers on topics of my interest. I spend some time writing on topics that inspire me, create passion in me or sometimes write to share experience with the world. I also love to create Tie & Dye fabrics, thus once in a while I spend time creating those as a part of my small Business – Dikri.


Well, this is how a regular day in my life looks like. But every once in a while the days are full of travel & outings with family, time out with friends & like-minded people, binge reading & movie watching.

What’s your typical day look like? Please share with us …..

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54 thoughts on “A Typical Day In A Mom Blogger’s Life …… #WTFOW Day 4”

  1. Wow Vasantha, amazing take on this prompt:)
    You got a guest, before it was the day;)
    Shalu- you are a supermodel, dear!!!

  2. Wow. I must say Shalu you are an awesome super mom. The way you have written about her is incredible too. You have made a simple everyday routine life which appears to us as drab and monotonous , look like super interesting.

  3. I loved when u used words cyclone n storm, yes it really is a storm in the morning , most of us moms have quite similar day, and yes I loved ur work profile dear, lovely post

  4. So interesting! Loved reading about her day. The days of most working mothers are very full and so are mine. I do try to make time for my workout regularly. I also cook daily.

  5. Your day is choc-a-block from morn to night. It’s wonderful that you are able to find time for your own self despite a hectic schedule. More power to you, Shalu!

  6. Shalu, it’s good to read how you are managing all the roles effectively. I wish you all the success and happiness in life.

    Thanks Vasantha for sharing the feature.

  7. I really like the way you have divided her day into segments based on the different roles she plays. A very unique way to depict her schedule. Shalu is an inspiration. The way she is so passionate about everything she takes up is a pleasure to see.

  8. Vasantha, you have done a brilliant job by writing this post so well.

    I have met Shalu a couple of times during bloggers meet. She is one strong willed lady with a beautiful smile on her face. The best thing about her is she makes you feel comfortable from the time you say hello to her.

  9. I can totally relate to it. I have just one kid and Shalu has two. I think I shud take some management classes from her. 🙂

  10. I liked the way you compartmentalise your various roles. Yet how beautifully they merge into each other to make a fruitful day.
    Good Luck to you, Vasantha. 🙂

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