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We Are The World Blogfest is here with its 20th edition, and my 13th post on #WATWB to spread peace, kindness, and humanity on social media, a few of us have worked together to create the We Are The World Blogfest. In a world where news and social media are awash with negativity, we aim to turn the focus to small but significant stories that renew our faith in humanity.

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Cooking Is Her Love And Kindness Is Her Life


I always love cooking. I believe you can reach one’s heart by reaching out to their stomach. Today I feel happy to feature a heartful soul who cooks with not ingredients but love and compassion. Geetha Sridhar is a Teacher, Mother, Social Worker, Master Chef Finalist – Season 4 and Renowned Food Blogger at “Indian Food Express”.  

Most of you may be already know Geetha as a food blogger and might have read her inspirational interviews earlier.But this post is to throw light on her selfless service. I recently read about her in a Tamil Magazine. Then I started searching and read about her most inspirational stories everywhere on the web. So feeling proud to feature Geetha Sridhar in our #WATWB series.

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

– Mark Twain


Geetha Sridhar, was born and brought up in Chennai. Then she moved to Mumbai upon her marriage. She spent the early years of her marriage in cooking, household chores and caring for her father who was bed-ridden owing to cancer. So she devoted herself to cooking and working for many charitable activities. That includes providing food to the cancer patients at the Tata Memorial Hospital.

She uses the income and earnings from her non profitable food blog to feed cancer patients and for doing  many other social activities. She’s mothering 28 kids suffering from Cancer. She also teaches mentally challenged kids at Chembur Sulbha School. 


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She’s a #FitToFight Award winner and fondly called as Geetha Ma. Actually her service of providing food to cancer patients was inspired by her daughter. Once her daughter refused to take curd rice and in turn demanded a request to her father. Her father also agreed and made her to eat. Then she asked to shave her head to encourage and motivate her school friend who was affected by cancer. 

“Give love and you will receive ten folds back from the universe. Serve selflessly, and it will be returned when you need it the most”

– Geetha Sridhar

And this selfless, kindness deed made Geetha to realize the big truth that “If a child could do such a great job, then why can’t I? That is how her journey of providing food to cancer patients got triggered. She also works with kids battling autism.

Cooking Is Her Love And Kindness Is Her Life

A heartfelt salute to Geetha Ma for spreading love, light and smile in the hearts and faces of sweet little angels.  Our best wishes for her abundant success and strength in her life.

Do you know any person like this doing dedicated service? Do you love the untiring and unconditional love rendered by Geetha Ma? Share your thoughts with us ……. Let us celebrate kindness … If you love #WATWB, you can also join us here.


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