Pessimism Leads To Weakness And Optimism Leads To Power – #WATWB

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We Are The World Blogfest is here with its 21st edition, and my 14th post on #WATWB to spread peace, kindness, and humanity on social media, a few of us have worked together to create the We Are The World Blogfest. In a world where news and social media are awash with negativity, we aim to turn the focus to small but significant stories that renew our faith in humanity.

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Pessimism Leads To Weakness And Optimism Leads To Power

I love this quote very much. Particularly the second part of the quote “Optimism leads to power” is my favorite. Being optimistic normally gives you power and strength.  And being optimistic amidst failures, struggles and cheating needs more courage and will power. Today I feel happy to feature a loving soul who cares others with her abundant love and compassion. Kousalya Periasamy is the founder of the Positive Women Network, a support organization for women living with HIV.

Positive Women Network (PWN+) is an All-India network of HIV positive women, focusing on improving the quality of life of women and children living with HIV/AIDS. They support one another, also fighting for their rights, and sensitizing society about their needs. They are building capacities, increasing access to rights, developing partnerships and advocating for programme and policy change. So feeling proud to feature Kousalya Periasamy in our #WATWB series.

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.”

– William James

Kousalya was married at an age of 19 and by the time she turned 20, she was already a widow, HIV positive and thrown out of her marital home. She was a poor victim for the HIV virus from her husband. This is when she decided to fight for her rights and became the first Indian woman to come out openly as an AIDS victim. Today, over 30,000 HIV+ women and children are positively impacted by Kousalya’s amazing work.


Kousalya has been fighting HIV for the past 23 years and helping other victims at the same time. She faced extreme difficulties herself that made her to develop an approach to protect HIV-positive women that utilize human rights instruments to battle violations of human rights against Women Living With HIV/AIDS.

She met other HIV positive women, experts and doctors and created a small group of women in 1998 called Positive Women Network with four founding members. The group today has reached out to over 30,000 HIV positive women across 13 states of India and has resulted in life-changing impact in the lives of several women.

Optimism Leads To Power - Meet Kousalya, Positive Women Network #MySweetNothings #vasanthapins #HIV #Women #Positive #Network #WATWB

A heartfelt salute to Kousalya for spreading hope, light and smile in the hearts and faces of HIV positive women and children.  Our best wishes for her abundant success and strength in her life.

Do you know any person like this inspiring other women and children? Do you love the untiring and struggling attitude of Kousalya? Share your thoughts with us ……. Let us celebrate the strength of women … If you love #WATWB, you can also join us here.


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4 thoughts on “Pessimism Leads To Weakness And Optimism Leads To Power – #WATWB”

  1. Kousalya is a brave woman indeed! 23 years of living with HIV and yet reaching out to thousands of woman making a positive impact in their lives – and in our ordinary lives, in that she shows us how determination can yield such great things. Thank you for sharing this story Vasantha.

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