Tamilnadu Builds Its First Wall Of Kindness At Tirunelveli – #WATWB

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First Wall Of Kindness At Tirunelveli


Any small random acts of kindness is more appreciable than any big deed. World goes around because of these kinder people. I really salute Tirunelveli Collector Mr. Sandeep Nanduri for his kindness initiative.


Wall of Kindness is a first of its kind initiative by Tirunelveli Collector Sandeep Nanduri. The novel idea is getting tremendous response from people.


Rumi Quotes on kindness
Image Credit: Pinterest


The collector Sandeep says, “When I took charge as the collector of Tirunelveli, I used to get lots of petitions from people requesting various kinds of help. Then, I thought of an idea to set up a wall that could attract people to donate articles”.


Now, the wall inside the collectorate office compound has turned into Wall of Kindness.  And people can donate and collect 24×7, around the clock. This donation concept was first tried in north-eastern Iran to support underprivileged people following difficult economic situation.


Wall Of Kindness
Image: Wall of Kindness/ Twitter.com


The wall has a message in Tamil: “Donate, if you do not require it! Take it, if you need!” . People can leave any items like eatables, books, dresses, shoes and stationery items which are in good condition. People who are in need can take them happily. 


“Donate, if you do not require it!

Take it, if you need!” 


The wall has been beautifully decorated with hanging pegs of flowers. It is called ‘Anbusuvar’ (Wall of Kindness). The items will be placed on the shelves on the wall. Shirts and clothes will be hung on the hangers. 


Things Stored At Wall Of Kindness
Image Credit: The News Minute


Do you believe in kindness? Have you ever felt happiness on doing any random acts of kindness? What’s your opinion about this wall of kindness? Please do share with us …….


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36 thoughts on “Tamilnadu Builds Its First Wall Of Kindness At Tirunelveli – #WATWB”

  1. This is such a unique initiative, Vasantha! In fact, I feel every city in India ought to have one..It will be of tremendous help to so many amongst us!
    Thank you for sharing about it!

  2. Lovely initiative and thanks for sharing it V. In my colony in Gurgaon, someone has placed a community fridge where we can put food for the needy. Such initiatives are great to reduce wastage and respect resources

  3. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

    I love reading about random acts of kindness.
    I think basic kindness is a significant trait that is lacking amongst humans…

    Thank you for sharing about the amazing Wall Of Kindness project! It will go a long way towards helping the less fortunate.

    Writer In Transit

  4. When I first saw this on T.V. some years back on how people in Iran, UAE & Saudi are doing the Act of Kindness by sharing things with needy I was moved.
    Then some days back read about the most famous ROTI-BANK of NCR region in our Country, I always wished if get some chance to help others in same way at my level. This cause and act of kindness by people of TN is exemplary. We should learn from this.
    Another lovely Post Vasantha. Thanks for sharing

  5. What a wonderful idea to share and donate what you dont need. It can surely be taken to small societies too. Very much doable. Enjoyed reading along #MyFriendAlexa #NPATblog

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