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Though my word of the year 2018 is Minimalism, I have not yet started working towards it fully. While being inspired by minimalism posts by Upasna, I was thinking about my lifestyle. My deep thinking and analyzing made me realize that I already have a minimalist mindset. And this is “How Did I Realize That I Have A Minimalist Mindset?”

How did I realize That I Have A Minimalist Mindset?

Monthly Budgeting

Right from the time, when my dad left us unexpectedly at a very young age, I started planning our family’s monthly budget. Still now continuing this practice of writing my daily expenses on our family account note. I used to buy a new account note, decorate it with all auspicious things like Turmeric, Kungumam and keep it for pooja during every Tamil New Year. I will not sleep without writing all our daily expenses. Sometimes I even nag and fight with my hubby for this. This is helping me to plan for my family, save for my family and care for my family. 


The foremost among the five things that irritate me about my hubby is being a shopaholic. I hate going shopping. And I will be happier if somebody gets me everything I need. Instead of going shopping, I love to read a book, cook for my family and do household chores. Nothing can tempt me to buy except books. For me, less is more and home is happy!

Mindful Buyer

In spite of being a non-shopaholic, I always prefer to buy as a whole. I buy groceries and other items for a month. And it will be the exact amount that our family needs. (Budgeting helps this!). Also, I prefer to buy saver packs or combo packs. I get frustrated to go to hifi malls and get overwhelmed by consumerism led ads and offers. I can spend days and days without buying any single thing. If I need to buy anything, I will be a mindful buyer by analyzing whether I need it really, whether it’s worth or whether it helps me. Buy Less, Enjoy More.


My Minimalist Mindset

Happy Giver

We have the habit of visiting Avvai Ashram every year during my son’s birthday. And we will donate clothes, notebooks, story books, play items and eatables to their children. Also, I will happily give anything that I have in excess to my maids, cleaning wala, and gardener. I am happy that my hubby also loves to help the needy by giving, though he spends too much buying. Also, we have taught our son about the joy of giving. I believe giving happily has some transformative effect on me. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

First and foremost, I try to reduce the buying of things. We are also moving into a plastic-free home slowly. And we try to reuse or recycle things at its best. My hubby is more into this reusing and recycling. Our house wood works were worst damaged by our tenants. But my hubby recreated some bookshelves and showcases from that waste woods. And I was much happy about it. And he gives life to all old things by repainting, reorganizing and reusing. Isn’t it nice?


Repainted Lord Vinayaga Gifted 15 Years Back For Our marriage

Don’t I have a minimalist mindset already? Do you have any tips to implement minimalism in our daily life? What are your thoughts? Do share with us…


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4 thoughts on “How Did I Realize That I Have A Minimalist Mindset? – #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. Very inspiring post, ViVi. In keeping a big target in mind, we forget that it is the little things that help us achieve it.
    You are doing just that, taking one step at a time towards Minimalism.
    Great going and keep it up!
    The repainted Ganpati is lovely!

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