5 Things That Irritate Me About My Love #FridayReflections

February is fantastic. Love is in the air. LOVE seems to rock in all dimensions of the blogosphere. But mostly they speak only about the lovely reasons to love your better half. As you already know about the Reasons Why I Love My Hubby, I was thinking a lot of what to write for this year.

So I was really excited on seeing an interesting but quite challenging prompt – 5 Things That Irritate You About Your Partner from Friday Reflections hosted by Corinne and Sanch Vee.

I feel that my man is perfect with his plus and minus. That makes him a complete man. And I take this chance to think deeply about his minuses too ( at least in my opinion ).

5 Things That Irritate Me

Shopaholic : I am a person of home bird kind. I usually love someone to buy anything and everything for me. I don’t have my personal choice much. But V loves to customize anything and everything for his needs and for my needs too. So he’s a shopaholic. I can hardly spend only two hours in any shopping. But he spend lovingly the whole day for shopping. This makes me so tired on our trips. *** I confess, his choices never failed ***

Spending Too Much : I have the habit of writing down my daily expenses. This helps me to analyse and reduce my expenses. As V is a shopaholic, naturally he spends too much. Also he would buy everything in a lot. This makes me feel hopeless on him. *** I confess, he achieved all his life dreams before the deadlines ***



Less In Words : I am a big lover of words. I almost breathe words. Words only keep me alive. But he rarely depend on words. For him, actions speak much louder than words. I have to go down on my kneel to get a ” I Love You “. *** I confess, he has now become so talkative ***

Fighting Scorpion : As we two are Scorpius, you can guess the count of fights between us during this 15 years of marriage. We have fought innumerable times for innumerable reasons. We both are argumentative. He won’t listen to things. This made me feel unloved many a times. *** I confess, our love survives strongly in spite of all hard storms ***

No secrets : He loves to spend more time with family and friends than to spend time with me alone. So quite naturally, he loves to share all his success and failures with everyone. He maintains no secret between all. This makes me irritating. *** I confess, during our 15 years of marriage, we lost nothing but gained more love in our family ***


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Share with me, yours too …. I am all ears …..

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25 thoughts on “5 Things That Irritate Me About My Love #FridayReflections”

  1. Ha ha, loved reading what irritates you Vasantha! However if both of you were alike wouldn’t life get bored, you save up let V spend! Enjoy life and wishes for your love to multiply with time.

  2. I love the way you approached this and the meme at the end. Kind of like saying, yes these things are annoying but in the end love is all that matters. My partner has several annoying habits, but I have even more, so I’d better keep quiet!

  3. My husband is not a shopaholic, although we’ve had our share of squabbles during our over 40 years of marriage. Who is the shopaholic? My brother in law, who is developmentally disabled. Shopping is a major enjoyment for him, although his needs (fortunately) are not extravagant. He loves to go to the mall!

  4. Sanchie @ Living my Imperfect Life

    I love how with all the irritating things, you still see the silver linings and are able to reframe them. That’s what love, marriage and relationships are all about. Thanks for linking up!

  5. That is such a sweet beautiful post! My husband is shopaholic too! But so am I… And i love this thing about him. I loved the way you’ve written confessions after every point!


  6. Hahaha…As I started reading the first irritant, I began smiling and by the time I completed reading the post, I am rolling with laughter. Shopaholic, extravagant, preferring to spend time with others but with the wife, fights and arguments, all of these resonate with me and my marriage. I too require a stern push to step out of the house for shopping for myself, and I too do not have any choices. Anything is good for me. Thus, before marriage, my mother shopped for me and after marriage for a long time, I followed D’s father’s choice in clothing and food. He prefers to spend more time on his phone reading news, talking to people rather than me but I have grown used to it. Now it bothers me if he does not talk on phone or watch TV, it happens yeah. Some more similarities along our way. As long as he is involved with D, I am happy.

    1. Thanks Anamika !!! We two twin souls, i suppose !!! I could relate to your words, dear !!! I’m grateful to the blogosphere for given me such an awesome friend

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