Gratitude Is The Key To My Happiness- #GratitudeCircleBlogHop

“If you want to find happiness,

find gratitude.”

— Steve Maraboli

Happiness to me is feeling grateful to little things in life. Those little things take big space in my heart. So I strongly say that gratitude is the key to my happiness.  January 2019 was an awesome month for me, in both ways, personal and blogging. Spent most of the time with family, poojas and my blog. Here is my January ’19 Happiness / Gratitude List …..

Gratitude Is The Key To My Happiness 

Personal Life

My eye sight is getting better. Went for regular annual eye checkup and was excited to know that my specs power has reduced a little. This was a great happy news for me as I suffer from high myopia for a long period. Also got my new contact lens pack. And we are finding WE time almost every time my hubby visits us from Chennai. We went to the film Visvaasam and it was heartwarming. And this was the third film we were watching as couple. Expecting more such romantic moments. Started my practice of Om Chanting after a long time.

Pongal Celebration & Temple Poojas

This year, not much celebration for Pongal. As you all know, we lost one of our dearest family member last year. We simply done our prayers and went to Iyappan temple. Also we did a special pooja in our Kuladevata Temple at our native  villages Thamaraiselvi and Suthamalli. It went well and got the blessings for our Kuladevata. We prayed for our son Mithu’s Xth exams starting on March 5th. Seeking all your blessings too. 

Catch Up With Sweet Old Friend

One of my old friend who worked with me in the college messaged me. We had not chatted for a long time since i missed we missed our numbers. She assured me to visit my house soon. Also another friend is going to visit me next week. Eagerly expecting those sweet and funny moments like a kid.

New Addition To Home Sweet Home

To have a Komatha statue for our prayers is my burning desire. And now we had that good time. My hubby gifted me with a divine Komatha statue for this Pongal. I find no words to express my thankfulness for this. Hope this Komatha will bring all happiness, health and peace to all of us.

Blogging And Entrepreneur Journey

Did some free courses by Alex Beadon, Shafia, Melissa, Arfa and Meera Kothand. My Pinterest profile got viral with 22K monthly viewers. Thanks to Tailwind. Also I earned $15 through my Tailwind referral. Try your hands with Tailwind for a month free. Feeling excited that my post “TOP 5 PRODUCTIVITY HACKS FOR BUSY BLOGGERS”  was a mega hit one.

How was your January? What does your gratitude list hold? Do share with us … Happy February 2019 to all!!!


Jan '19 Happiness List


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4 thoughts on “Gratitude Is The Key To My Happiness- #GratitudeCircleBlogHop”

  1. The statue is really beautiful, Vasantha!
    I am glad your eye sight is getting better. The power reducing must mean a lot. I can understand…I too have a high power and I wonder if it will ever reduce.
    I agree..gratitude is the number one reason for my happiness, too. Gratitude for not only everything that works out, but also for all that doesn’t. The things that go wrong are what teach me important life lessons and make me a better person.

  2. Your gratitude list is so fulfilling to read. Being grateful is the best way to live. I usually start my day my writing ten things I am grateful for, and it’s an instant perk-me-up.

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